The Discovery 14

“Fucking hell” I muttered, my fingers rubbed my forehead. Lexy, please I can explain. Gosh! why does this always happen to me each time I take a decision on lexy, I wondered.


“Explain?” She screamed, “oh gawd Ice, so its true?!, I cant believe this”.

I took a step closer to her, felt like kissing her, holding her,…

“Its not true” I lied, whoever told you that lied to you I screamed instead.

Shit! I prayed silently for her to believe the lies.


“I over heard her Ice, so don’t fucking lie to me”


“Damn it Lex”, I tried using her pet name, not sure what to say anymore, “she lied” I said my lips only inches away from hers, using my special powers over her, it worked thank goodness, I noticed her facial expression, she became more relaxed. whew!… That was pretty close I thought to myself.


I wasn’t ready to loose her again, not that I couldn’t get anyone I wanted, but Lexy had “this” hold on me I just couldn’t explain even though I tried to fight it, and thank goodness she had no idea how much effect she had on me.


I could decide to turn the table around, I was good at that, but I wasn’t ready for that, I had truly missed lexy and it was time to forgive maybe but not forget.


“It had better!” she said while trying to walk off, I pulled her back, and gave her a tight hug, she froze, shocked, she pulled herself free and stared at me with a surprise look on her face.




Ssshhh, she said placing a finger on my lips, cutting me off, she placed her fingers on my cheeks, while my hands held her waist, I pulled her towards me, we stared into each others eyes for a while, she leaned against me, her head rested on my chest, my jaw rested on her head, my back against the wall, she wrapped her hands round my waist while mine  rested on her back.We just stood there, quietly,my thoughts wondered off, praying silently, this should last forever.


“You smell funny though” she said, Oh gawd, I muttered silently, while I pretended not to hear her, then she repeated herself, “huh?” i am constipated, maybe I should go shower I said, hoping she would believe that lie too.


“Please stay, don’t go,not just yet.I just wanna remain in your arms forever” she said getting closer to me, her boobs pressed hard against me. I smelt her hair, gosh, I missed this silly little girl, I raised her face with a finger and kissed her.


I stopped all of a sudden, worried, hoping she wouldn’t taste Tess cum from my mouth. But she remained calm, with a sign of relief I kissed her again, she held on to me real tight, while I devoured her lips, “Why?” I muttered between our kisses, “Lexy, why?”


No! No! No! Please Ice don’t go there she pleaded with tears in her eyes, I raised her up, my hands on her ass, I turned and pinned her to the wall, she wrapped her legs round my waist, I tore off her top, and buried my face into her skin, Gosh! Lexy! I said, sniffing her, gosh! She placed her hands on my head while my head rested on her chest, my legs were getting weak, with one hand I tossed off everything on top of my locker and placed her there on a sitting position, wrapped my hands round her waist and placed my head on her thigh, her head rested on mine, I felt her tears dropped, I looked up and kissed her tears away, nipped her neck and whispered into her ears, its gonna be ohk sweetheart,


“I love you Ice” she whispered into my ears.

“Me more Lex, me more”..


To be continued.

6 thoughts on “The Discovery 14

  1. annonymous says:

    Make up sex… Tha shiiiiiiii craaaaaaay! Fack! I want me some make up sex!

  2. linda says:

    Dis is wat I call sweet make up fuck,more plz

  3. viv says:

    hmmmm…..very passionate but abeg make them DO now haba!!!

  4. Swavey says:

    Its about time Ice. And don’t get it twisted again, MORE PLS.

  5. precious says:

    Wowwww make up sex is just d highest *oops*@Ice kip it coming for u always make me come and check out wats new on dis Blog*waitn patiently for d next*kudos

  6. bem says:

    Makeup sex….makeup sex… sex

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