“If Only”…2

15 years ago…


Brandy couldn’t understand the sudden boldness she felt afterwards, she felt on top of the world, she walked into her room with pride instead of grief, it was time to take charge of her life, she thought to herself, she didn’t care anymore, her parents didn’t anyways. She enjoyed it and wanted more, she smiled into her pillow and decided to wait for another golden opportunity to have sex again.


Back in school, her school mates noticed her change in behavior, especially her class mates, she became cautious of her look, she looked at boys frequently and smiled, something she never had the nerves to do.


She was ready to give in to anyone, if that would make her have friends, and that was exactly what happened, she slept with any guy who wanted to sleep with her, but instead of her having friends, they mocked her and called her names, she became more miserable,but that didn’t change Brandy, she was used to being fucked and wasn’t ready to quit yet because her love for dicks grew by the day…


To everyone’s surprise, her parents didn’t notice this new change, because she kept a double life; an angel at home and a freelancer outside her home, and well her grades were very good; that was enough for her parents.


Ikem spent few more months, then left, a day before he left they made out, he had taught her so many things and she needed a good bye sex, she was gonna miss Ikem, he meant the world to her.


As she sneaked into his room which had nothing but a small mattress on the floor, with no bed sheets, a few books that were well arranged on a small table, where he usually placed his food on most times to eat, a lit candle and a match box were equally on the table, because his room had no bulb.


Ikem smiled and placed his arm around her shoulder the moment she stepped in as if he was at the door entrance waiting for her. She smiled back at him, she was yet to adjust to the darkness of the room. She moaned the moment his hands cupped her boobs. Brandy noticed her nipple had gotten hard, she smiled into Ikem’s eyes, as he pulled her to him on the table, she straddled him and their lips met. One of the things Ikem taught her was how to kiss and as they kissed, her tongue began to explore Ikem’s mouth, he began to caress her ass, her body shivered with his touch, she started to grind into him, and felt his hard cock pressing against her thigh, they were so caught up in the moment that they kissed for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally they got naked fast and she quickly placed her left breast into his mouth as he sucked her nipple gently, she shivered and tilted her head back with a sigh. she reached down with one hand and gripped his cock massaged it gently, as she had been taught to do. He switched to the right boobs. Her nipples seemed to get even harder and he loved it.

“You know you have got nice nipples” he said as he kept nipping on them., she was getting too hot, ikem noticed this and sank on his small mattress, she sank down with him and placed his dick into her tight pussy, the strong muscles within gripped his dick with tremendous force, she began to bang and twist her hips around his dick, she wasn’t an expert yet, but she was definitely a fast learner, Ikem had praised her on countless times, especially after each stolen sex.


“You are getting better and better” were his exact words, and Brandy wanted him to know that night she had become an expert.

She leaned forward to offer a nipple to Ikem, who willingly sucked on it while Brandy rode him, her pussy massaging his cock as if it was trapped inside, he was lost sucking, licking, nibbling her boobs. She would switch nipples every few minutes as she continued to fuck him, she had experienced orgasm and she knew the feeling was going to be an intensed one, which was gradually building up. Ikem rolled her over, she raised her legs while ikem trotted in and out of her, her legs dangled in the air and finally Brandy’s expression changed, Ikem knew that feeling, he quickly placed his palm to cover her mouth; just as he had expected, she screamed into his palm and climaxed, the sensation always made Ikem cum right after..


Few years later..


She gained admission into one of the universities to study law, She had blossomed into a beauty, her small ass had enlarged, her small boobs became large and guys loved her very visible nipples, her skin glowed, her big eyes became one of her asserts, she would roll them in a sexy manner and batter them seductively. She no longer had an inferiority complex, infact, she took her time in choosing her friends.

Till she met Sandy.


To be continued.

4 thoughts on ““If Only”…2

  1. Swavey says:

    Dey always start young

  2. precious says:

    Haba did dey use Dicks to swear on her??hmmmmmmmm

  3. RED says:

    If only… I could find the first chapter and read…

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