The Discovery 13

“Don’t stop” she screamed. Please Ice, I ignored her, I liked the fact that she begged, oh gawd, Ice please, she went on. This time i smiled and flipped her over, my hands on her waist, I raised her half up, her ass in the air, her boobs rested on the bed. I admired her from behind as i spread open her legs, she had a small waist, rounded hips and well-shaped ass. I leaned over and slightly spanked her ass, she moaned out. I kissed her ass while my hands rubbed over them.


As I slid my tongue into her hole, she let out a harsh moan, I wormed my tongue deep inside her, It was sweet yet salty, with strong circular movements I rolled my tongue against her wet pussy, omg! She exclaimed, shivering. I trailed my hands up and down her ass and massaged it, at some point feeling her muscles flex as she struggled to remain calm, she groaned and clutched at her boobs.


“Oh Ice, please don’t stop Ice, oh gawd Ice, pleassseee, oh fuck, that feels so good, oh shit, Ice…


Then she froze, filled the air with sharp, high-pitched wails, her vaginal muscles contracted tightly around my tongue over and over again, i dug dip into her and licked her clean.


She collapsed on the bed, her legs spread open, with slight, feather-like motions i teased her clit.


“Oh gawd, I love that” she muttered, her head thrown back, I pulled her hair towards me, reached for her lips and kissed her hard then stopped, I had had enough I thought to myself as I sat down…


“Please Ice, love me” she said, I gave her a side glance and ignored her. “You are so fucking good, i can’t seem to have enough of you, I just wonder”… then she paused….


I massaged slightly the nape of my neck with my hand, my eyes shut, “Naaaa, I think we all are, its more like, Lesbians know how to be the pleasurer and the pleasuree at the same time. They simply do what they want done to them.” I said now gazing at her, my eyes roved her naked body she smiled, I gave her a wink.


“Hmmmm, interesting! Can I taste you?”..


“Are you outta your fucking mind?” I half screamed, was it because I winked at her, I thought to myself, now thinking for the best way to discharge her!, then a thought crossed my mind..


“Gosh, its 1.30am, I need a nap I lied, I needed to be left alone, she was beginning to get on my nerves, how dare she think of that, gosh! You have got to be special to touch me mehn, I stared at her angrily, coupled with the fact I was yet to “cum”, I wanted space abeg.


She got dressed, gave me a quick kiss and whispered thanks love, I enjoyed every second of that and I truly love you, I nodded in response to that, as she walked off.


“Great!! free at last, I pulled off my bum shorts, felt my wetness and tasted myself, damn!. I laid in bed, my hands massaged my boobs, pinched my nipples, I thought of Vicki, her moans and large boobs, oh fuck! I moaned out her name, then Lexy crossed my mind, I love the feel of Lexy’s pussy on mine, damn!, I missed her so much, then Linda, Kim, wtf was wrong with me, I sat up and bit my lower lip, I needed to get laid, its either Miss Jenny, Lexy, or Kim…


I stroked my hair as my mind wondered off, I had more than enough girls yet I felt empty inside. Now stuck between so many girls not sure who to settle with, I love lexy, c’mon the whole school knew that, a tiny voice said inside my head the same way they knew she cheated on me gaddarmmit.


Kim I don’t love as much as I love Lexy, Vicki, shit, she was a good fuck and the only honest person who loves me for me is Lexy.


Damn it Ice, its about time you forgave Lexy.

Shit!, what happens to Kim?.. *sigh*, I would have to explain to her. Damn! How did I get myself into this mess I asked myself aloud.


I got up and got dressed, it was time I said to myself, I would invite Lexy for a talk and probably have a good make up sex, I thought to myself with a smile.


“Is it true??” I heard Lexy’s voice,




“Did you just fuck my friend??” She screamed.


To be continued.

5 thoughts on “The Discovery 13

  1. annonymous says:

    Ice oh Ice… Bitch u make me drool!!!! Come mark me! Make me ur victim… Lemme be ur prey n u the predator….

  2. El says:

    Like totally captivating. Each episode gets better.. And i get hornier… Ice can have El anytime.

  3. Ness says:

    Lol. Did you just Fuck my friend……makes it even more sexier. Loving it.

  4. Swavey says:

    Chai, it just gets better.

  5. domina says:

    Now this is getting interesting….

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