“If only…”

15 years ago…


“Make sure you don’t tell a soul” Ikem said, Brandy just nodded her head, she enjoyed it anyways, but the blood scared her.

At age 15, she just realized she had been disvirgined by their househelp.


Brandy was 5-4, light weighted, due to her skinny nature, she had long black hair, big brown eyes, short legs, a very small tight ass with boobs that were very small but with pointed nipples, She was shy, reserved and a virgin; well before Ikem had his way with her.


Her parents were very strict, they had rules governing the house; no visitors, no going out, unless of course if she was sent on an errand, which was seldom, considering the fact they always had a help, who ran errands.


Brandy didn’t have a childhood like the normal young girls her age, she became very timid and had a complex and her school mates often made fun of her, she hated being alive, she hated her parents, she hated life.


She being the first child, was constantly reminded of her duties: you have to be prim and proper, walk and dress like a decent girl, no talking to boys, don’t do this, don’t do that.


Her only friends were the house helps and she constantly sneaked into their room to chat with them. Once her mum had caught her talking to one of the helps, she flared up, and drove the help out that night and of course after she had beaten her up . Most of them never stayed for more than four months before they ran away.


Ikem their new help, seemed calm, respectful and very obedient, he claimed age 18 but looked much older, soft spoken, average looking,very neat and was tall for a boy of 18, with broad shoulders,.


Brandy wouldn’t have noticed all these attributes if he wasn’t nice to her, he became her only source of happiness, though it was done mostly when her parents weren’t home. Ikem knew she was naïve and took advantage of her.

He actually started with pinching her boobs and giggling afterwards, Brandy was excited, at least someone liked her enough.


“Please stop it Brandy said with tears in her eyes, its very painful”


“Don’t worry, the pain would turn to sweetness was his response to her, as he tried to move in harder, she cried out in pain, Ikem placed his hands over her mouth, and trotted fully into her, Brandy bit his hand in pain, sorry he said, let’s hurry up before we get caught, with that he banged away, Brandy became a bit relaxed, if this is what it takes to find happiness, she was ready and willing to go all the way, she began to moan gradually, her pain mixed with a bit of pleasure, after what seemed like forever,Ikem finally climaxed. He pulled out, tossed her some tissue paper to clean off the blood stains, and another reminder not to tell a soul.


Brandy knew right there she had found the power to her happiness…so she thought…


To be continued.

3 thoughts on ““If only…”

  1. linda says:

    Another masterpiece,bt d action was very short

  2. the real olive says:

    more please!

  3. annonymous says:

    Dear writer, UR such a tease!!!!!!!!! Lovely piece tho.

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