The Discovery 12

“Was there anytime I told you I loved you” I said with a raised eye brow and a side smile, her facial expression transformed, and I didn’t care.


“Why are you this mean?” she asked,


“Am I?” I replied her, trying to sit up, had to slightly push her aside to achieve that.


“I didn’t invite you Tess, you are Lexy’s friend, and aside that you came on your own free will, I just don’t understand why you would love someone like me, after all the things I do”, my eyes fixated on her gorgeous body, I reached out and brushed her right breast with my fingertips, she stared at me like she was in a trance.


She was beautiful no doubt, but there was this thing about her, I couldn’t just place,*sigh*. I liked her lips though, and yes, she is certainly not a good friend to Lexy, how else can you explain her being in my bunk, I had banged her twice, first in the ladies, and then the library, she is a bitch in my opinion and I treated her as such.


Most students were in the hall if not all, So I wasn’t worried about being caught, well aside my girlfriend, which one of them I wondered while my fingers toyed with Tess nipples, we had just few days left before vacation and I couldn’t wait, I smiled while I thought of Candy, my fingers still on her nipples, rubbing it gradually, but I was lost with Candy’s thought, Damn! those eyes, her smile, skin, I could picture them right there. I just couldn’t wait, my heart began to beat faster than normal. “Is this lust or love” I wondered, Tess began to smile, fucking hell, she must have thought I was…


“Look I think you had better be on your way, I said standing, wouldn’t want my girlfriend to”..


“Which one of them” she said cutting me off..


“Which do you know” I asked facing her with a raised eyebrow while I tilted my head.


That was a good question I thought to myself, I had asked myself that same question earlier, #sigh# my mind. began to wonder. Truth is, I might be the “most sort after”, everyone wants a piece of me, but how many of these girls truly care, my heart ached for true love, everyone knew how much I loved Lexy. Gosh!! Flashes of Lexy and Linda ran trough my mind. How could Lexy do that to me?


“I know a couple of them, just wondering which you are referring to”. Tess said bringing me back to reality.


“Listen Tess”, now irritated, you came on to me, in case you have forgotten, you didn’t feel me, I did, what kind of person would pass up a free duck?”


“Why are you so mean?”, she half screamed


I chuckled, rolled my eyes I said “heard that before”.


“Gosh I hate you”,..


“Naaa on the contrary you love me”, I said with a side smile, my eyes fixed on hers as I pulled her towards me with one hand while the other rested on the wall. We french kissed, she forced more of her tongue into my mouth, “hey relax” I said between the kisses, thought you said you hated me.

“You know I don’t” she mumbled into my mouth.


I pushed her to the bed, she giggled, I reached for her dark hard nipple with my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue, Tess took my hand and guided it toward her mound, my fingers disappeared beneath, first one, then two, me not being satisfied used the third finger, she began bunking on my fingers, sweat appeared on her forehead, eyes closed, she worked hard to control her breathing, she swung her hips back and forth, she moaned out my name, I had to shut her up with a kiss, “oh Ice, I’m so close,”


“Good” I said, then I stopped…


To be continued.

4 thoughts on “The Discovery 12

  1. Zizi says:

    I agree am upset wit ice. Don’t knw y yet but I must agree she’s got game. N like we say ” ur heart alwaz belongs 2 someone” lexy is dat someone 2 ice

  2. jaystud says:

    Ice is sucha bad ass nigga…Choi!
    +How’d she stop tess’s ‘almost there’lol
    Maybe serves her ryt tho.hahaha
    Pls post 13 tomorow o #crying out loud#

  3. precious says:

    I still don’t get why dis Tess girl is a bitch,and Ice is jas somefin else “whewwwww”wen u know dey are almost dere u jas stop why nauuuu????***anywayz dis was so gud.keep dem coming.

  4. domina says:


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