The Discovery 11

It seemed strange how I felt when our eyes locked, I thought I had moved on, thought I could control my feelings towards her, but as we stared at each other, I realized I still felt nothing but warmth, my heart ached for her.

Kim raised her head, obviously wanted to say something because she had a smile on her face, which cleared off the moment she followed my stare and saw who my eyes were focused on. Shit! I avoided looking at Kim at that moment, I did warn her, I thought to myself with a straight face, while I traced my lips with a finger, she placed one of her hands on my thigh and smiled revealing those dimples I love, that made me smile, simply meant she understood. She laughed out loud when I tickled her that created a scene, “eyes are on us Ice” she said giggling, “let’s make them jealous I whispered”, that only made her laugh the more, then I sighted Lexy, our eyes glued again.

“Ice” I heard my name, “wow Miss Jenny” I said, yea, I knew some teachers were invited for the Drama night, but..well, we both smiled into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, mine read I fucking missed you, I squinted my eyes as they fell on her lips, while I licked my lower lip, then her boobs, she read between those smiles, gave me a side smile, winked and walked off.

Damn! She looked hawt from behind in her very short skirt that exposed those spotless short legs. The skirt was kinda transparent, I could see her thong between her ass, Damn!, my thoughts began to wonder as I almost forgot Kim sat right beside me.

I excused myself after a while, whispered into her right ear I would be back soon, as I swayed, I placed my hands in my pockets, squinted my eyes and twisted my lips. I knew eyes were on me the moment I stood up, so I decided to show off, kept a sexy look all the way to the door.

“Ice, we need to talk” I heard Lexy’s voice, surprised and glad, i stopped and turned, “where” I asked staring at her like I didn’t care, “anywhere” she replied me. “Mine or yours”, she was about to say hers when Kim walked out, “GREAT” I mumbled to myself as I walked off.

I decided to go for a walk, alone, wanted time for myself, I heard the music coming from the hall, students screamed, “the show was about to kick off”, I said aloud, no longer in the mood for it, I stopped all of a sudden and decided to go to my dorm.

I laid in bed half naked, I had just my bum shorts and bra, with so many thoughts on my mind I fell asleep.

I awoke with hands wrapped round my tummy, she cuddled me real tight and sniffed me, “you always smell good” she said, I smiled, but said nothing, still backing her, I felt her boobs pressed against my back. Her heart was beating so fast, with one hand she caressed by butts trough my shorts, mashed her tits more into my back, while grinding her snatch against my ass, it was obvious she wanted me to take her, and gaddarmit I was getting horny and ready..

“I miss us being together”, she said, this time I turned and faced her, looked into her eyes, i saw love in them, I licked my lips, tilted my head slightly, leaned into her ear and whispered, “what do you want me to do to you?” While I bit on her ear slightly, she smiled, without waiting for a reply I pulled her up to my face and kissed her.

The kiss a fierce one, while she unclasped my bra, I moved my lips to her ear which I softly tongued, while my fingers firmly pinched her nipples trough her top at the same time.

Her nipples stood erect and a warmth quickly spread through her pussy,. “Ooooh Yees! She moaned,

She pulled off her top, exposing her lacy bra, I buried my face in her boobs, while my hand unfastened her bra, I pulled it off in a such a way my nails dug deep into her skin.

She moaned, I lowered my hands down her neck then to her breasts, caressed, squeezed, and rubbed her boobs, I moved my way to her jaw and kissed all the way to her neck, my hands still on her tits doing what they know how to do best.

I immediately sucked a nipple into my mouth, while my finger gently pulled her other nipple, was pleased to hear a small whimper come from her mouth, I alternated between nipples, before I made my way down her stomach, while my fingers toyed with her pussy, she was already wet, her juice was already dripping, it was time I thought to myself.

I began to suck her, I dipped my tongue as dip as it could go, her pussy was super creamy, inside her pussy felt so warm, she moved her hips around in a sexual manner, I sucked, licked and tongue fucked her, she screamed, tightened my head with her thighs, her hands on my head and she climaxed.

She flipped me over, now on me, she kissed me, my hands massaged her ass as we kissed, her tits rested on mine. “Hon, that was amazing,” she whispered, “I love you Ice, I will always love you” she said looking straight into my eyes, I ran my fingers on her hair and smiled. She wasn’t expecting that, she expected a reply from me, “What? with a confused facial expression, “You don’t love me anymore?” She asked..

To be continued.

5 thoughts on “The Discovery 11

  1. linda says:

    Ooooo,ur killing me here

  2. precious says:

    Ooooooohhhhhh why nauuu,so sooooo intresting and can’t wait for s oda part

  3. sexydiva says:

    Discovery 12 ASAP
    U always put me on hold…. the story is really making me xoxoxo

  4. Swavey says:


  5. Swavey says:

    Nice one Ice

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