The Discovery 10

“Shit! how could I be so silly” I asked myself silently, “so you had Lexy on your mind all through huh” she asked as she got up, for the first time in my life I was speechless, I just sat there, staring at her as she adjusted her day wear and wore her panties. There was no point explaining, I knew I fucked up big time, I rushed up and pulled her towards me, as she tried to walk out, was surprised to see tears in her eyes.


“Hey!, stop crying, I don’t deserve your tears”, I said, kissing her tears away, while I pinned her to the wall. I slid my hands under her day wear, and pushed up her bra, my fingers squeezed the naked flesh of her soft tits and traced across the hard swollen nipples, I kissed and nibbled her neck, when I knew I had gotten her, I stopped and turned her back, then gave her a tight hug from behind, my hands still massaging her boobs, while my boobs pressed hard against her back, I whispered into her ears, “I think its better this way, I don’t wanna hurt you Kim”, then I nipped at the back of her neck.


She tilted her neck giving me more to nip on, after a while she turned around facing me and said, “you know, Debbie warned me about you, told me you are a player and a heart breaker, bla bla bla”.


I raised an eye brow, then asked “skinny Debbie?” Hoping she would say no.


“Yes, same Debbie”


“Oh really?” I said, remembering the so called Debbie, whom I initially didn’t know but she kept sending me lots of gifts, cards and love notes, and simply wrote “D”. When I decided to see her, I felt disappointed, I accessed her, searched for her selling point and saw none, she wasn’t just “it” I gave her an excuse and walked off.


“I really like you Ice” Kim said, “everything about you drives me nuts, let’s just give it a shot and see how far we can go, maybe with time, you would forget about Lexy”, she concluded.


“Are you attending the Drama nite?” I asked her instead, trying to change the topic,


“If you are, then we could go together” she replied me.


I gave her a tight hug, kissed her while my hands rested on her breasts, then we heard voices, we broke the kiss and walked towards the door as some of my dorm girls walked in.


Kim and I walked hand in hand into the auditorium, I hadn’t been there for more than an hour and already was in on the gossip, damn! and I thought my life was fucked, girls love to gossip, and I wonder why.


Eyes were on us, I searched for Lexy with my eyes, gosh, I missed that girl, she was so perfect for me, I wished I wasn’t that angry, I wished…


“So its true” I heard Vicki’s voice, cutting short my thoughts or wishes, *sigh*


I looked up at her with a frustrated sigh, and shook my head, why cant this girl just let me be, I wondered, but on a second thought, she shouldn’t, I might need her service some day. ICE! Naughty u.


“Lexy cheated on you and you dumped her”, she said laughing, “the same almighty Lexy huh, and to think its because of her you wouldn’t give people like us a chance” she concluded, not caring if Kim heard or not, she laughed again and walked off.


I turned and glanced at Kim who just stared back at me, I took a long look at her then said, “are you sure you can handle all this drama?”


“I will as long as you are in on this with me'” she replied, I pulled her chair closer to mine, turned her head towards me and gave her a peck on her forehead, just then I sighted Lexy, our eyes locked…

To be continued..

Link to Discovery 9


4 thoughts on “The Discovery 10

  1. annonymous says:

    The story gets shorter by the week.. Not fair!

  2. viv says:

    next please

  3. jaystud says:

    #straightface#Can’t wait to get to d end.Always gettn my attention tho.kip it up!

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