The Dream 4

Omg! Julia exclaimed, looking around searching for anything at all to cover her nakedness, her robe was somewhere in the room, where could it be?, she wondered. Candy was relaxed, after all Jake knew she was bi-sexual, but she didn’t like the fact that Jake’s gaze were focused on her best friend, he seemed lost admiring her, she became jealous.

WTF! was wrong with her boyfriend? she thought to herself.
Jake had a secret crush on Julia and any boy would understand why, he was used to stealing glazes at her, secretly watching her shower. He had even jerked off himself on several occasions while sniffing her panties, and here he was looking at her completely naked and she was very nervous.
He smiled as he gazed at Julia’s nipples which were still rock solid from the session they just had, and he kept on staring.
 Julia gave up trying to cover herself, there was really no point she thought to herself, he had seen her, so fucking what!
Candy had had enough of the silence and stares, if her boyfriend wants a show, she was willing to give him one, as the thought crossed her mind, she reached up and french kissed Julia, that really got Jake hot as he stared at them, he almost came right there, he had never seen his girlfriend make out with another girl and that turned him on badly.
“My dream” Candy said between the kisses, “my dream” she said again, now realizing her dream was about to come true, hoping this time she can finally cum.
“Are you waiting for an invitation or are you just not interested?” Candy asked her boyfriend, Jake didn’t need to be asked twice, as he got naked fast!
“Don’t I have a say in this” Julia asked with a smile, “No you don’t” Candy replied with a smile.
“I see that you find the situation agreeable,” cooed Julia, as Jake’s dick was taken into a very warm and wet mouth, it’s skillful tongue enclosed his shaft, the tongue worked around the head as the mouth applied suction, Julia pulled him towards her mouth as she leaned forward to accept him more as his dick went deep into her throat, he reached out with his hands and placed them on the back of her head and he began to fuck her mouth, he shut his eyes and moaned, finally he thought to himself.
Candy was busy sucking at her friend’s cunt, she tongue fucked her, while her fingers nipped on her nipples.
“Watch me fuck your boyfriend” Julia said to her friend, Jake was surprised, he quickly adjusted himself, and without another invitation he placed his dick’s head at julia’s pussy, then quickly slammed his cock as hard as he could into her, before any of them would change there minds.
She grunted in response, her eyes shut, he took both of her full breasts in his hands, kneaded and pinched the nipples harshly, still hammering his shaft into her again and again.
Not wanting to be left out, Candy straddled Julia’s face, pushed her pussy up against her nose and pressed her firm ass over her mouth, she began to grind her pussy on her face, Julia wrapped her legs around Jake’s waist, her pelvis thrusting up into his, Candy began to hump on Julia’s face, she twisted her nipples and gyrated her hips on her mouth, pressed her clit against her nose while Julia tongued and ate out her friend’s pussy.
Moans filled the room, finally Jake slammed his pelvis into Julia’s pussy, as Julia’s tongue dug dip into Candy’s cunt, the three of them had an immense mind-blowing orgasm, Jake collapsed on top of Julia, and smiled to himself, he had finally had sex with her, while Candy felt fulfilled, she finally had an orgasm, plus she could now have sex with her best friend any time she wanted to, but knew that the three-some they just had was definitely the last.
  The end.

2 thoughts on “The Dream 4

  1. viv says:

    very nice

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >The Dream 4 | sizzlingice <Loved it!

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