Discovery 9

“I can explain what went down” Linda said the moment I made myself comfortable, I laid on her bed, with my two hands behind my head, my feet on the floor, she stood right in front of me almost between my legs, looking a bit sad.


I shook my head like I didn’t know what she was trying to explain, then I stared at her, trying to study her, she began to stutter.


“Lexy told me you eerrrm”, I raised an eye brow, “told me you saw us” she continued becoming bold all of a sudden, maybe she just realized she was two years my senior I thought to myself rolling my eyes.


“Oh that” I said, nonchalantly “its nothing really”, but I was fuming inside.


“I cant really say how it came down to this, but all I can say is, (she paused) she came crying to me, and I gave her a shoulder to cry on, one thing lead to another and… okay, Ice i am sorry, it wasn’t meant to happen”, she went on and on.


I stopped listening to her, instead I began to admire her, stared at the pretty face, gosh!, she was absolutely stunning. I focused on her lips, while I tilted my head, watched it move while she spoke, then her boobs, been a while I kissed her or touched those boobs, I thought to myself, she kinda reminded me of Candy, Lexy’s cousin, I smiled when that thought crossed my mind, I became lost again, there was just something about this girl that drew me in, I found myself lost for words a few times I tried to talk, as I stared into her eyes I had to mentally shake myself back to reality, I am supposed to be mad at her for g’s sake!.


“So please forgive us” I heard her say, as she sat on her bed, I tried sitting up then our hands touched, as soon as they touched, I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body. “Get a grip, ICE!,” I muttered to myself.


“ICE!” She called out my name,


“Yes?” I replied with a straight face, trying to sound casual, I spread my legs wide apart, my elbows on my thighs, looked at her and said “its a bit late, I have a new girlfriend, and trust me she is hawt!”, with a side smile, trying to equally get her jealous, it did, because she twisted her lips, good! I thought to myself, “but she is forgiven and so are you, can I go now?” Without waiting for a reply, I stood up and walked away.


I headed straight to my dorm, I wasn’t surprised to see Kim in my corner and in my bed, “girls!” I muttered to myself with a smile, I looked around before sitting, I wanted to be sure if I had a chance to rush her, the room seemed empty except for two junior girls, I decided to send them both to a journey of no return, without them knowing, I needed ample time with Kim.


The moment they stepped out, I trailed my fingertips along the side of her face to the back of her neck, gently, then gradually moved from her shoulders down toward her ass, she smiled into the pillow, I raised her day wear, then slipped my hands over her panties and caressed her, she couldn’t help it, she began to slowly rock against my bed while my hands massaged her ass, she was getting excited, “please don’t stop” she said, the feel of her ass was soft and firm, the feel of it sent chills up and down my spine.


I crossed the line, “Oh, that feels so good, Ice, keep going” I heard her words, then I peeled her panties down to her thighs, Kim flipped over, our eyes glued, then helped me out by peeling it completely off, I dipped a finger down her ass crack, slipped around front of her body and stopped atop her mound.


“Oooh, you’re wet!” I cooed, “you like”, I can tell”


“I love it” she moaned out loud as I slowly inserted one, then two fingers into her moist cunt, she rocked against my hand and moaned, I mounted her, the bed not so comfortable, but I had to finish what I started, my fingers still toyed on her cunt, while I parted her legs with mine, in such a way, my hands were now between our sexes, then I kissed her, it was a slow yet passionate one, I sucked on her lower lips, dipped my tongue into her willing mouth, “gosh Ice, you drive me nuts” she muttered between our kisses, our eyes shut, “let me taste you”, I whispered into her mouth, then I moved down, licked my lips then bent over toward her pussy.


The feeling of my tongue on her clitoris was incredible, I slowly began licking her pussy, slipped my tongue in, out and about her pussy wall, all the while I fingered her ass cheeks, that was new to me and she moaned to that sensation, It wasn’t long before she exploded on my face.


“You’re so sweet!” I said, moving up to her, I would have loved to do more, but I wouldn’t want us to get caught, we giggled, but I am so fucking wet, I stood up and stepped out, the house seemed quiet, I rushed back in and removed my panties, laid on the bed, and in a scissors style, we began to rub our pussies together, the feeling was so intoxicating, “oh Lexy”, I half screamed, “I love your….”


“What did you just call me?”


“Fucking hell” I muttered, Shit!!!!


To be continued..

Link to Discovery 8

8 thoughts on “Discovery 9

  1. jaystud says:

    Here she is again!
    I’m so loving dis series.Nice one again.Kip ’em coming!

  2. Zizi says:

    Ice is obviously inluv wit lexy. She shuld just 4give ha n d both shuld try “faithfullness”. How hard can dat b *SMH* but again. Luv takes a while 2. Figure out

  3. linda says:

    Another masterpiece,plz try and finish dis story at once,I can’t bear d suspense again.nice work.

  4. precious says:

    Shitt did she actually screamed her name “Gosh can’t wait for d rest part”kip up d good job dear kudos lolzz.Am actually gettn wet Reading dis Discoveries all d time *whewwwww*

  5. jaystud says:

    @zizi;hahaha!!!!Representing which pple?#confusedface#lol
    All d same,u knw how it is.No time#winks#

  6. Swavey says:

    Kai, there she goes again.

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