The Dream 3

Candy felt embarrassed, to make matters worse she was about to cum, in her dream. Jake and Julia stared at each other for a while then they walked towards Candy, Julia sat at the edge of d bed, her hands on Candy’s knees, while Jake raised Candy’s head and placed it on his thigh, he began to play with her hair.


“Are you okay?” Jake asked, Candy just nodded her head, she was speechless, “gaddarmit”, she muttered to herself, it felt so real, as Candy cracks her brain trying to remember how it all started, she became aware of her wetness, damn! she was fucking wet, or was her mind playing tricks on her?, “we heard your scream and rushed up” Julia said, Candy tried covering herself up a bit, she raised one arm trying vainly to cover her nicely shaped but heavy breasts while the other hand cupped her neatly shaved pussy, Jake and Julia giggled, “was it a night mare?” Julia asked her friend again, trying not to laugh, while her fingers began to play with her knees, “NO!” She half screamed, “it was a”…. *sigh*


She didn’t know how to explain it, all she wanted was to finish that dream, she felt like going back to sleep, she needed to cum.


“I was having such a good dream. I didn’t want it to end.” She managed to say, Jake and Julia laughed out loud, “Please tell me all about it, dear one,” Julia said with a seductive smile while she brushed her fingers over Candy’s belly, who shivered at her best friend’s touch. “Good to know you good” Jake said sarcastically cutting Julia off, “I am hungry, I need to go get something to eat” he concluded as he got off the bed and walked out.


“What are you….d…doing?!” the other girl complained, as she pulled away from Candy, “ssshhh” candy said, cutting Julia off, who was about to say something when she felt her best friend’s lips on hers, the kiss was a passionate one, Julia found herself kissing her back, when Candy placed her hands on her boobs, Julia froze and broke the kiss.


She was about to say something else again, when Candy put her finger to her mouth to shut her, “I love you Julia” she whispered softly as she tried to pull off her friend’s robe, which eventually slipped off her shoulders and fell on the floor.


“Damn! look at those tits!” She began to play with Julia’s nipples, who seemed hypnotised, her eyes wide with a bit of a smile on her open lips, she no longer made attempts to stop Candy, she began lightly stroking Candy’s full breasts, pinched their dark berry nipples, Candy, unable to control her own long-frustrated desires at her friend’s touch shivered.


Now in bed, Candy rubbed and squeezed her friend’s boobs, How often had she done this to herself? How often had she fantasized about what a sexual experience could be like with Julia, she sucked and licked her nipples and continued until soft moans began to escape Julia then she continued downward enjoying fully every square inch of her body, hoping this time it wasn’t a dream, once she reached Julia’s vaginal area she teased, licked around the lips and on the sensitive areas at the juncture of her thighs, tried her best to tease and torment her friend, she so wanted her to know what she had been missing all those years, wanted her to beg for more, she wanted to make love to her friend not just sex.


Julia felt as if she were on fire with lust and so badly needed release, she reached down and grabbed Candy by her tresses guided her mouth to the folds of her dripping pussy, Candy immediately went to her clit sucked on it hard and firm with her tongue, her own fingers worked on her own clit, she rubbed on it hard, while she continued licking her friend’s center of pleasure, Julia moaned out loud, her moan filled the room, as Candy ground her face into her dripping cunt. “Oh fuck” Julia moaned, “you are so fucking good, lick up all of that pussy juice!” Candy felt fulfilled, Julia felt her orgasm approaching she became faster, grinding her cunt into Candy’s mouth, she bucked and spasmed against that sweet mouth as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body and made her convulse in passion.


Finally, after what seemed like eternity she relaxed and laid still as Candy continued to slowly lick her clean of any leftover juices enjoying the tangy taste, when she felt she was clean enough, she moved back up, laid her head on Julia’s boobs, “waow” Julia said with a smile, “no one has ever sucked me the way you did”, she reached for Candy’s face and kissed her, tasting herself.,


“I am glad you enjoyed it, but I am yet to have an orgasm”, Candy said, “I could help you with that” Jake said walking towards them..

To be continued…

Link to Dream 2

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