The Discovery 8

“You are sorry?, like seriously?” I said in an inflamed tone, “I just wonder how long you had been cheating on me, all the while I stood there watching you girls make out, I felt sick,” I went on with a sick expression on my face, “disgusted!”, I paused, “disappointed!!”, another pause now eyeing her, ” anyways”, with a raised eye brow, “thank goodness its truly over between us, you…”

“ICE!!!” She cut me off trying to move closer to me, “I said I am sorry” she busted out crying, “it was a mistake, It wasn’t planned, I…”

“Oh please spare me the details”, I shut her up. “Loyalty!”, I screamed, “Loyalty!!, was that too much to ask for g’s sake?”

“Look who is talking about been loyal” she shot back at me, I was a bit taken aback, was kinda shocked, wasn’t expecting that, but I tried not to show it, “wtf are u talking about?” I asked, “if you talking about Vicki and I, you got it all twisted, I fucked Vicki, yea, but she didn’t fuck me goddarmit!, I didn’t allow her touch me, I had you on my mind while I shagged her”, I lied, “but you… damn!, I don’t wanna do this anymore, I am already pissed as it is”, with that said, I walked off.

She stood there crying, she had two fingers in her mouth, probably biting her nails, she does that when she is very tensed, gosh! I missed Lexy already, I loved her with all my heart, but won’t allow anyone including her to control my heart, well I guess its for the fear of being hurt, *sigh* ain’t I hurt already, I wondered, but I needed to teach her a lesson or two.

I hadn’t taken more than four steps when I sighted Annie, Kim, and Tina. Annie and Tina were an item, they have been dating for two years now, although Tina doesn’t trust me with her girlfriend and I know why. Annie is simply gorgeous, she knew I liked her and, fuck it, I shouldn’t be left alone in a room with that chic. *WHEW!!*

Kim, a half cast, had the figure of a goddess, was tall and has blonde hair, big busted, fair skin, dark eyes and soft features, she was exotically beautiful, her mum being white and her dad black, I loved her tresses and that smile, gosh, it revealed her set of white teeth, and those dimples of hers are just damn sexy, very soft spoken too, anyone would love to date her, but she was very choosy, and I liked that.

She would have been my main chic, if I hadn’t gone for that break with Lexy, Gosh, that break changed a whole lot of things for me mehn, I thought to myself as I approached them. Well, I am free now, I can have my Kim back or anyone I want I muttered to myself with a smile.

“Speak of the devil, look who had the balls to show up.” Tina said with a big grin, the other girls giggled, I ignored her and faced Kim, with a seductive smile I said, “I don’t usually say this to many girls, but you look absolutely stunning today” I lied. She smiled, she was kinda shy, I dimmed my eyes tilted my head a bit, and looked straight into hers, I was about to say something else when she said. “Eerm, Lexy is looking at you, you had better stop flirting with me”

“Nah! Its ok, I love the feeling I get when I make her jealous, just standing here and talking to you is killing her!” I replied her.

“Oh!” She said.

“No no! Not that I’m talking to you to get her jealous”. Fuck! I muttered to myself, while I ran my fingers on my forehead, what the fuck was wrong with me? I shut my eyes for a few seconds, am I loosing my skills? I wondered to myself. “Don’t get me wrong, I went on, It’s the icing on the cake really.” I said winking, hoping I didn’t fuck up.

“ICE”, I heard Linda’s voice, “senior Linda” I said, surprised, wondered where she emerged from, and at the same time kept a straight face, so unlike me, “come to my dorm right now” she said and walked away.

“What’s wrong with your school mother?” Annie asked, “Well I caught her and my girl, sorry my ex”, then I turned to see if Lexy was still standing, like hell she was.

They all had this *wow* look on there faces, that didn’t bother me, instead I turned and faced Kim, grabbed her chin and bore my eyes into hers, She just stared back, wide-eyed, frozen, and not knowing what to do next, for the first time she took her eyes off mine, and looked down at my lips, I smiled, I had gotten her, DAMN ICE!! YOU GOOD! I praised myself secretly. I pulled her closer, while I leaned in myself, and pressed my lips onto hers, they felt cool against mine, sending a chill between my legs, the others just stared, shocked, speechless, I broke the kiss after a while, looked at the others then back at Kim with that smile again, I said loudly “she is my new girlfriend”, and walked off, heading to Linda’s dorm, my hands in my pockets, not giving Kim and the others time to digest what I just said…

To be continued..

Link to Discovery 7

3 thoughts on “The Discovery 8

  1. Zizi says:

    Shou!!! Am still difesting dis. Kim!! Ice!!

  2. Thanks for this article! It was pretty nice for me asI’m a recent college grad and I’m
    involved with a sugar daddy now. I like to report on my experience as a sugar baby.

    Anyway, I’m super glad I discovered this post!

  3. linda says:

    I can’t wait 2 c d end of dis masterpiece

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