The Discovery 7

I looked straight into her eyes from the distance, Linda was still busy with her boobs, Damn! I muttered, as I turned to walk away, ” Lexy is a bitch” I said aloud as I walked on, destination? Yet unknown.

I looked back just in time to see Lexy running after me, I increased my pace, walked into the administration block, not sure why I did that, then I ran into Miss Jenny my English teacher again, she wasn’t the only teacher there, they were all there marking our exam scripts.

Then a thought flashed trough my mind, I needed a break, I wasn’t ready to face Lexy, not now, not ever!, she smiled at me, and said “are you okay?

“Yea, I will be fine, I tried to assure myself, “Eerrm, you wanted me to help you out with some things, can I start now?” I asked, she had this surprise look on her face which lasted for a minute, then she said “sure, I was on my way home” “Great” I said as i helped her with some school files.

She lead while I trotted behind her, I admired her from behind, she had an amazing curvaceous figure of about 5’4″, the thought of us ravaging each other’s body was almost too much to bear, I had began breathing faster without even realizing it while my moistening crotch became hot, I smelt the fumes of my arousal.

Damn Ice! What if she is straight? I thought to myself, lost in my own thoughts and fantasies, I mindlessly walked behind her until we finally arrived at her house, she unlocked her door and we both walked in, her apartment looked cozy, leather chairs, lovely paintings, I was about to comment on her paintings when I felt her lips on mine, wow!, she stooped and smiled, “I love your gap teeth Miss Jenny” I said, she kissed me again, “you love so many things about me Ice” she replied between our kisses, “I knew you wanted this from the very first day I set foot into your class”, she concluded.

At that moment I thought of Lexy, I was heart broken, I needed this to clear my head, she might have thought I wasn’t game, then she asked “are you okay with this? Did I misread your body language?”. I reached up and caressed her cheek, suddenly planted a delicate kiss on her lips then moved my arms to the nape of her back and pulled her against my body, that simply read it was okay to continue, obviously I was rooting for our highly sensual encounter to become a continuous affair, with that she kissed me hard, but some where in between the third and fourth kiss, she looked up at me, then I asked, “do you want me to stop?” “I should be asking you that” she replied, we giggled, then we kissed again, her hands were all over my body, at first it was a gradual process, then it became aggressive and passionate, I gasped, then took charge. I controlled the kiss, pulled my lips from hers and kissed down her neck, when she arched her back up in response, I seized her boobs through her 36D sized bra, she gasped. We stopped and got naked real fast, tossing our garments on the floor, we kissed again then she pulled my hand and lead me to her bedroom.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, rubbed her 36D boobs against mine, our obviously sensitive nipples made contact, I lowered my face and sucked on her boobs while she squirmed loudly. I raised my head to her face and our lips locked in a sensual kiss, by now, our occasional gasps turned into low moans.

Now in bed, I sucked and nibbled all around her nipples, she groaned out my name, I kissed my way down, flashes of Linda kissing her way down on Lexy flashed through my mind, I shook of the thought, needed to concentrate. I took a deep breath then spread her legs as wide as I could, allowing me an easy access to her fat, swollen pussy lips. I took a moment to admire the view, gently ran my fingers along the outer rim of flesh and brushed her clit with the back of my hand. I spread her pussy wall with my fingers, without further hesitation I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt, she moaned loudly, I withdrew to lightly lick her pussy lips, I blew in air, she yelled she was building up, I could tell, after a minute or so, I suddenly sucked on her clit, she jerked, moaned out loud, held the back of my head and began fucking my face, my nose was buried inside her pussy and I was finding it difficult to breath, then she screamed herself to orgasm. I reached up and kissed her, making her taste her own cum, she flipped me over, then her lips kissed my neck, I moaned, her fingers on my left nipple, as her lips went further down to my right boobs, I almost screamed from the surreal pleasure that swept over my body, after several minutes of this constant teasing she lowered her mouth and firmly licked my slit, I gasped and squirmed, causing her to grip my thighs to keep me in place, she sucked, licked, tongue fucked me, I couldn’t take it anymore! I lost it and came hard.

I slept in her house that night, we had sex all through the night, something I couldn’t have done on a normal day, one of the benefits of after exam period, the school authorities were less strict nor enforced. Anyways, I sneaked out very early the following morning and headed to my dorm.

“Lexy, has been looking for you”, one of my dorm girls said the moment I walked in, “yes she has” another said, I initially ignored them, don’t they sleep? I wondered rolling my eyes, then I asked what she was told, “I don’t know” she said, “but she told me someone saw you with miss corper ( that’s what miss Jenny was called) and wondered if you were still there”.

As I stepped out of my dorm later that day, I had Miss jenny on my mind, then I ran into Lexy, “where have u been she asked” with a raised eye brow, I said “what do you care”? “You fucking the English teacher now?” She asked me, “What is your fucking business who I fuck” I replied her now getting really upset, “you said it was over between us, so why are you monitoring my movements? Please excuse me, I have things to do and people to see as I pushed her aside” “I am sorry Ice” she begged with tears in her eyes, I stopped and looked back……to be continued.

Link to Discovery 6

5 thoughts on “The Discovery 7

  1. Demmielicious says:

    Very bad sharp guy. I hope Ice won’t bite more dan she can chew. Cos Miss corper wud b over protective knowing how good Ice is. As 4 Lexy,she should move on wiv her life.

  2. Zizi says:

    Ice. I think its time we have a talk. U keep cheatin n just one step 4rm lexy n u run off 2 cheat again. Bera get ur acts 2gether or lose lexy. *angry*

  3. Tdiva says:

    Hmmmmm, Ice is surely walking into burning flam with miss couper. As for lexy…….It just shows revenge is not the best, except you’re ready to move on.

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