The Dream 2

Candy was confused, even in her state of confusion, she admired Julia, she looked damn sexy walking towards her. Candy couldn’t believe her eyes, she was finally going to have sex with her best friend, so many questions ran through her mind, as she stared at her boyfriend, she was confused as to how her boyfriend could be so comfortable sitting on the bed with her naked and leering lustfully at Julia’s naked body, WTF was going on.

She turned and looked at Julia who was smiling at her, her smile was intoxicating, she admired her boobs, not like she had never seen her naked, it was the thought of making out with her, then Candy smiled back, she didn’t care anymore, all that mattered to her was to have sex with her best friend.


She stretched and pulled Julia closer in such a way she laid slightly on top of her, “You are so damn sexy” Candy said, with that, she adjusted herself then leaned in closer and licked her neck, sending shivers all through her body, Julia moaned, Candy, realizing the effect she had just had on her friend began to run her hands over her breasts, “Let me show you what you have been missing” she whispered into her ears, “You have such big, sexy breasts, and I have been dying to suck on them”, Candy continued, while her hands massaged her boobs.


Julia began to feel wetness between her legs, then they kissed, it was a passionate kiss, Candy traced Julia’s lips with her tongue and bit her lower lip, Julia giggled and said “I like that”, “Finally Candy said with a smile.


“You like?” Candy asked as she ran her fingers up Julia’s slit, bringing out some of her wetness for her to enjoy, she took her finger up to her mouth and licked it clean, “Mmm, I think you like it a lot”, she said with a seductive grin, they kissed again, Candy ran her fingertips along Julia’s stomach, she moaned, she kissed, and nibbled on her neck, Julia let out a soft moan. “You two look beautiful” Jake said, he was breathing heavily and his cock was stone hard, he stroked himself up where he laid to watch julia and Candy.


They laid there for what seemed like an eternity, exploring each other’s mouth with there tongue, rubbing there breasts together and grinding there pussy together, after a while Candy broke the kiss and began kissing down her friend’s neck, making her way to her breasts, she licked her breasts, while massaging them, licked around the nipple, teased her before finally taking the nipple into her mouth and sucked, Julia moaned in pleasure as she gave equal attention to both of Candy’s nipples, making them harder than they had ever been before, Candy sucked on Julia’s boobs devoured was more like it, licked, sucked, and pulled on her nipples with her teeth, Julia moaned underneath Candy who stopped suddenly, then pulled her up in a sitting position on the edge of the bed.


She went on her knees spread Julia’s legs, as wide as she could, and began to suck on her clit. Gosh! she tasted good, I have been wanting to do that for years she muttered to herself, I wonder how Jake got to convince her she thought to herself.


Jake who had been busy stroking his cock stopped and laid flat on the floor, he reached forward to massage Candy’s clit, while she worked on Julia, after a while she sat on jake’s face, one of her hands roughly pinched and twisted Julia’s nipple, while the other shoved a finger into the her dripping pussy, her tongue played on Julia’s clit, her juice dripped down from her pussy.

Julia screamed and squirted all over Candy’s face and hands.


Candy got up placed her pussy over Julia’s and began to grind, Jake placed his dick into Julia’s mouth and began fucking her mouth, his eyes shut as he moaned, he held the back of her head gently in his hands, it was a slow blowjob, Candy sensed her release, she became faster, there juices slamming.

She began to bang her pussy with hers, she opened her eyes, she wanted to witness her best friend’s expression when she has an orgasm, she was surprised to see her boy friend’s cock in her friend’s mouth.


Shit! She screamed I’m cumming. And it’s big,” “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” just as she was about to cum, she heard her name. Candy!!!!! “Are you ok?” She got up, sweating, her head pounding, she turned and saw Jake and Julia, they had a surprise look on there faces, fully clothed, oh fuck! It was only a dream…




8 thoughts on “The Dream 2

  1. Demmielicious says:

    OMG,dis is crazy….. She should go back to sleep.

  2. Rukky says:

    Nobi small thing. Dreamer dream on

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  4. Tdiva says:

    Wow ! Girl you’re too much. Bad ass story

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