The Discovery 6

Then she moaned, like hell that’s Lexy quite all right, but with who I wondered? I felt I had been stabbed, my heart bled, was this how she felt when she caught me? I wondered, then I saw her, oh my! Lexy and Linda?! Like seriously?!

I almost passed out, so many questions crossed my mind, how could Lexy do this to me and with Linda.

Linda!, two years our senior was my first, she won so many beauty pageants in school, she was tall, slim, and fucking sexy! she was loved by all, like me, everyone wanted her, that was the only girl I wanted as a school mother, and luckily I had her. She was also the first and only girl I wrote love notes to, at first she didn’t reply me, but when she noticed some of her friends wanted me, she became “protective” of her school daughter, we smooched a lot, she had a very soft skin, and spotless too, I enjoyed making out with her, but everything changed between us after that break, but she still had a special place in my heart for G’s sake, I thought sadly to myself.

I had the mind of walking in, but I decided to watch instead, they were both naked except for their pants which they still had on.

Lexy worked her hands on Linda’s boobs, Linda’s eyes were shut, she bit her bottom lip while she moaned, Lexy continued teasing and tugging her nipples, occasionally placing her tongue on Linda’s nipples first one at a time, then both together by squeezing the boobs together. They kissed, this time Linda’s left hand rested on Lexy’s right breast pleasuring her, her right hand sliding down, paused to fondle Lexy’s belly button, then slipped between her legs to touch her pussy through her panties, my heart felt a sudden pain, I turned to walk out, but Lexy’s loud moan made me stop, she was enjoying it, I felt betrayed, then I decided to watch some more.

At first they played with themselves, then they sunk to the floor and got more excited, touching more eagerly. Lexy’s hands moved down Linda’s sides, stopped and nibbled on her very full boobs, she worked her hands down her hips, and around then slid a hand and began rubbing her crotch through her panties, I saw the rapt expression on there faces, Linda mounted Lexy, in such a way her boobs rested on hers, Lexy snaked a hand between them and pulled aside linda’s thong, I could see her shaven labia, I could also see Lexy’s long fingers as they flicked over Linda’s clitoris, Linda began to moan and gasp in excitement, she reached her orgasm, her mouth open and face contorted with delight.

Linda kissed her way down then lowered her mouth to Lexy’s pussy, her tongue moved to her clit and her finger slid inside of her cunt, after a while she removed her fingers and used her tongue instead, she licked and sucked at her clit and pussy juices, she stopped suddenly and moved up.

I realized that for the last few minutes I had been deeply engrossed by what I had witnessed, I must admit there was something very exciting about watching ladies make out, I looked around, no one was in sight then I touched my own boobs through my day wear, It felt good.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I heard Lexy’s voice, as she weakly spoke, “So are you,” Linda answers softly, looking straight at her “Let’s be beautiful together,” she said.

My head was spinning, gaddarmit! I looked on, they rubbed their noses together, their mouths opened, with their tongues out to meet each other, and they gave themselves up to a kiss, a long searching kiss, I saw Lexy’s hands grasp Linda’s buttocks, and pulled her closer to her, so that each of them had a thigh pressed against the other’s groin, they began a rhythm, crotch to crotch, I could sense Lexy was about to cum, or building up, her moans got louder, she grasped at Linda’s buttocks harder and the movement became more intense, she threw her head backward, then Linda moved a hand up to touch Lexy’s boobs, at first she ran the tips of her fingers over the surface, then she cupped it in the palm of her hand and used her forefinger and thumb to play with the nipple, which grew as she did so. Lexy moaned out loud, “Oh gawd, I am cumming” she said, then she slightly looked down at her own boobs in Linda’s hand, “please don’t stop”, she moaned again, then, she turned, her mouth opened and our eyes locked, You’ve got such sweet tits, Linda said, but Lexy wasn’t listening, instead she brought her gaze up to be sure it was me all right!….To be continued……

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One thought on “The Discovery 6

  1. Rukky says:

    Wow, what a turn of events

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