The Dream

It was Saturday night, Candy, Jake, and Julia were invited to a party, which was held in one of those bad ass clubs, it was actually a departmental party. Those ‘get-togethers’ were intended as a way for faculty to blow off a little steam, the invites, especially the ladies were encouraged to dress to kill.


Candy was average height, cute, and curvy. She had long black hair that was always neatly packed and waved gently back and forth as she walked, she had a beautiful smile, and clearly enjoyed showing off her large, shapely boobs, often wore soft bras that allowed them to move around, she wore a colored pleated skirt that showed her rounded ass when she bent over, with a white blouse that showed most of her boobs, she tied in a knot under her ample, braless breasts, that made her boobs pop out more from the very low shaped blouse and with flat shoes.


Jake her live in boyfriend of two years, was tall with wide shoulders wore a pair of rugged jeans and a tee, he looked simple yet expensive, his swatch wristwatch, shoes, neck and hand chain said it all.


Julia was a tall pretty fair in completion lady, nearly six feet tall in her heels, she wore a bum short and a tank top exposing her long legs, her body was well shaped with large breasts and a narrow waist, she looked very sexy.


It was truly lust at first sight when Candy and Jake met, maybe because they had so many things in common, they loved to club, there social life was first before academics, they were both in there early twenties, they met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. They began living together, they loved life.


Candy loved her best friend Julia, whom she had been hitting on, but Julia refused to give in, then candy decided to let it rest, well for now she told Julia who just laughed it off, I will eventually get you some day Candy said to Julia, who just kept laughing and managed to say “I love big cocks Candy, I wonder what you girls do to each other, but I still love you”, “I love you too, but let me teach you” was Candy’s response, as usual Julia laughed it off. Jake knew Candy was bi-sexual and loved her more.


They got to the club about 11pm, the club was already full, they joined in, took lots of pictures, drank, danced, smoked, some pole dancing, some kisses and smoochings, in summary, the evening went well, but Candy had too much drinks on an empty stomach, she was drunk and needed to be taken home. She was already misbehaving, spanking some girls and all, they left the club around 3am and headed straight home.


Candy staggered trough the stairs to her room, then to her bathroom, she needed to cool off, have a cold shower, that should help she thought to herself. She heard Jake and Julia’s loud voices, they were still having fun downstairs, drinking and smoking, as for Candy, she was too weak for more drinks, she had more than enough in her system, all she needed was a cool bath, maybe touch herself if she had the strength to, it wasn’t new to her, Jake had caught her on more than one occasion, openly rubbing or squeezing and would watch her and eventually they always end up having sex.


Candy sighed as the taps let out a spray of cold water, it was refreshing, considering the heat, “gosh! I needed that”, Candy said aloud, she cleansed her body with her favorite strawberry bath gel, after what seemed like forever she turned the taps off and stumbled on her bed naked. Her head hurt, she had too much alcohol, all she wanted to do then was to sleep.


She awoke to the sensation of fingers trailing over her body, she had no idea how long she had slept for, her head pounded, she was thirsty, she moaned, then licked her lips, “Is that you Jake? She whispered, barely hearing her own voice, “I am way to tired for this right now,” with that said, she rolled over and faced the wall.


The movement stopped, thank goodness she said to herself, but the sensation she felt earlier got to her and she hoped secretly that he hadn’t stopped.

In her mind, she imagined his hands finding there way between her legs, she opened up her legs a bit, imagined the tips of his fingers on her nipples, tracing around them, lightly pressing on them and pinching them, she moaned, she bit her lips at the thought, she wanted him already but was too weak for a bang, she felt she smelt the heady scent of his skin and the cologne he wears, that always made her head spin, the fragrance that follows him, it haunts her mind and teased her senses, the imagination continued, she thought she felt his hands slide down her back, her skin became rough with goose flesh and the hairs on her arms stood on end.


He placed his fingers on her clit, teased it a bit, then dipped a finger into her wet pussy, began to finger fuck her, then 2 fingers, she ached for him, he placed his tongue on her clit in a circular motion, she trembled from the effect it had on her system, she moaned out his name, he placed his palms on her boobs and massaged gently for a while, his thumbs rubbed against her nipples, she could feel them becoming hard, he took them both between his fingers and squeezed them gently, then he pulled on them, that made her gasp.

It felt so good it was almost painful but pleasurable, his tongue maintained a contact on her clit, sucked, and flicked, she placed her hands on his head and forced his entire face more between her legs, he then slid his fingers back into her pussy, he felt her wetness, at the same time rubbed her clit with another finger, she half screamed, her head still pounding, she enjoyed the feeling, she wanted him, he must have sensed her approval because he added more pressure on her clit, shoved his fingers deeper inside her, her weak legs began to shake, he fucked her harder with his fingers, she hit her orgasm and smeared her cum all over his fingers, he licked his fingers one after the other, then dipped two of his fingers into her wetness, this time he placed it into her mouth, she tasted her own cum.


He was stone hard, “but I can wait” he said to himself, Candy reached for his cock, trying to suck him, he stopped her and said, “I have a surprise for you pointing to the door, Candy turned around and there stood Julia naked! walking towards them……To be continued.

4 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. annonymous says:

    It’s another one! Ur such an amazing writer… Kudos!

  2. Rukky says:

    Pls when is part 2 coming out, I can’t wait to read the amazing work of the writer. Keep it up and keep dem coming.

  3. precious says:

    Wowww another sweet sensational story,*oops*jas can’t wait for d part 2 to come out.Kudos writer and keep up d good work.

  4. QED says:

    Wait oh! Hope Jake hadn’t fucked Julia secretly then convinced her into hitting Candy…threesome toh bahd mehn!

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