How to Tell if Your Wife is Cheating

Here are a few tips that will help you see if your wife is cheating:


#1. If she seems to be more secretive. If she isn’t sharing things with you anymore, like how her day was, or something special or interesting that happened. Women LOOOOOVE to share their feelings and thoughts with their mate, if she has stopped doing that then there may be someone else she is sharing with.


#2. If she doesn’t appear to be so needy. Women are notorious for being needy. Men adore this because they like to take care of there women, protect them, provide for them etc. If she seems a lot more self-sufficient and just doing things on her own then she probably has someone else taking care of those needs for her.


#3. If her temper seems to be in check. Now we all know females have a temper and If you run around with your friends and she just doesn’t seem to care, well then, she’s probably got her own agenda. Therefore she doesn’t mind if you’re messing up, because she probably has someone else she is messing around with.


#4. If she’s less talkative. Women love to talk, we all know this, but what if she has lost her talkativeness? She seems to be turning everything around on you and focusing every conversation to you. She doesn’t want the focus on her, why? Because she doesn’t care to get caught up in the mess with you. She’s already caught up in it with someone else.


#5. If she’s leaving a lot more often. Everyone has their own lives and own things to do but, if you notice her running around a lot more than usual it’s probably because she’s setting time aside to meet with someone before her actual schedule kicks in.


#6. Notice her behavior in bed. This is a HUGE sign that something is up. Is the passion gone? Does she seem to just lay back and let you do what you want? Well, this is because she’s trying to save some face and keep having sex with you, but really it’s a show. She’s already getting all her loving somewhere else.

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