The Discovery 5

“OMG!!!” I muttered to myself, I was shocked, so many questions ran through my mind for a minute or two, then I managed to say “what the hell are you talking about?” trying to play smart. “Don’t fucking play dumb with me” she screamed, her tears rolled down, I pulled her close trying to hug her, she struggled, I smiled and said “relax Lexy”, reaching for her lips trying to kiss her, Shit! that didn’t work. I tried again this time trying to subdue her using my sexual powers over her, I knew her weak points and I used it against her, finally I got her.

I kissed her passionately, smiling between our kisses to myself, praising myself in my own dialect, feeling like one cocky bitch, my hand rested on one of her boobs and began massaging it she moaned, just when I thought I had her, she managed to over power me surprisingly and broke the contact, and with all seriousness she said it was over!! The thought of losing her left me numb, then I decided to explain “what you saw doesn’t mean shit to me, she came on to me, I didn’t allow her touch me,” I went on and on.

“I see!, well, what we just had was a good bye sex” she said looking straight into my eyes. “I love you Lexy” I said, but she was gone, I never realized how much lexy meant to me, till I saw her walk away from me.

I wasn’t one to beg, I was used to been begged, I watched her walk out of my life, my heart ached, my head pounded, I wanted to run after her, but my pride wouldn’t let me. I called her name not loud enough for her to hear though, tears filled my eyes, but I held them back, I stood there and watched her till her image faded away.

I walked to my dorm, I needed a bath to cool off, most students were asleep if not all, as I had my bath, flashes of the evening ran trough my mind, vicki’s spontaneous sex, Lexy’s mind blowing sex, then the bad break up.

Now in bed, I thought of Lexy, I needed to give her some time, she would come around I tried to console myself, I might just stop that assigned job, that would put a smile on Lexy’s face I hope, damn! That means I might never have Vicki again, *sigh* I must have dosed off thinking.

Vicki! Damn!, why would she be the first person I set my eyes on? I tried to keep from ogling her gorgeous body, she looked pretty, smelt fresh, my mind began to wonder as my eyes gazed at her boobs, my mouth was slightly open, while I traced my lips with a finger, then she said, we need to get to work ICE.

I had missed breakfast, thanks to no more rules, we barely had less than two weeks before vacation, the project was just few days away.

I sat up, my heart heavy, my head ached, I missed Lexy already, I wondered if she feels same or what she was up to, I was still thinking of how to break it down to Vicki when she decided to make herself comfortable. Her hands rested on my shoulder, I turned to look at her, our eyes glued then Lexy walked in! Clears her throat, and walks off before I could say anything.

“Shit!!!” I screamed, “Fucking hell!” I screamed louder, Vicki stood up, then I quickly said “am sorry Vicki, I don’t think I can continue with that project stuff, I feel sick plus I am not in a good frame of mind”, “WHAT!” she screamed.

“Oh gawd, what have I gotten myself into”, I muttered to myself running my hands on my face, and through my hair, I tilted my head looked at her and said, “I will explain to the president or the vice”, with that said she walked off.

“Thank goodness” I whispered, but was I genuinely thankful?

I rushed my bath and got dressed fast, I had no plans for the day except to explain my sudden withdrawal from the Drama project, then see Lexy, I went to their hostels, they were both not there, then the admin block, where could they be, I wondered to myself.

“ICE!” I heard my name, it was my English teacher, “Good day ma” I said, “how are you” she asked, “I am fine thank you ma” I replied.

I liked her smile, each time she smiles, it reveals her gap teeth, I remembered when she was introduced to us on the assembly ground, as a corper, everyone screamed, she had on a very short skirt, exposing her slim short legs. A very cute lady and didn’t look her age, whatever her age was, she was probably in her mid twenties, she knew I liked her as a teacher though, I was always asking questions during her classes with smiles plastered on my face, she always smiled back, but this smile she gave me today had something extra to it, then her body language, oh no! I don’t wanna think along that line, she couldn’t possibly be one, then she said, “been hoping to see you before vacation, privately, can u come to my house to help me out with somethings that need taking care of?, after all exams are over” I smiled and assured her I would see her the following day, she smiled back and I wondered if she just winked at me?

“What are you doing here by the way” she asked, I explained to her my reasons, “oh Dammy left school this morning” she said, we met at the school gate, then why not check the old laboratory lab for the vice, she might be there working on the project she concluded with that smile again and walked away. Why didn’t I think of that I said to myself as I walked towards that direction.

Deserted as usual from a distance, but some few weeks back, one might not get a space to sit, walking towards the laboratory brought back flashes of what happened there the day before, having to fuck two girls on the same day, ICE!! I smiled to myself, maybe I should continue with that project, so I can have more of…

My thought cut shut, I froze all of a sudden, No! that couldn’t be lexy, was I dreaming??, I blinked my eyes to be sure, fucking hell! That’s Lexy….to be continued..

Link to Discovery 4

6 thoughts on “The Discovery 5

  1. Lawrence says:

    Very intriguing

  2. Rukky says:

    Keep it coming

  3. Rukky says:

    Need Part 6 fast.

  4. El says:

    Rukky got it right. KEEP EM COMING

  5. LOL says:

    Thanks for another informative site. Where else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal way? I have a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  6. QED says:

    Hmm! ICE…u sef na wa oh! U and ur bad bad thoughts! Torn between Lexy n Vicki, still fantasizing about the corper shun! Lolz…Poor lovergirl Lexy, I bet she’ll come back somehow, she loves u too much! Can’t wait for the rest of the story sha…great job!

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