Rules To Govern Your Steps

To make a mark in this biased and vain world,follow this rules:


Believe while others are doubting.


Plan while others are playing.


Study while others are sleeping.


Decide while others are delaying.


Prepare while others are daydreaming.


Begin while others are procrastinating.


Work while others are wishing.


Save while others are wasting.


Listen while others are talking.


Smile while others are frowning.


Commend while others are criticizing.


Persist while others are quitting.


The funny part of all those words above is that,they are all theories..


If you really want to come out smiling at the end of your journey in life,


Always be led by your conscience irrespective of your belief and religion.


Be You,

Be unique,


And in the end you will have what is more than wealth,health,fame and power.


You will have inner peace,which is second to none.


i ain’t perfect, far from it,

I’m Just being me,

No one else can live it better.

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