10 Sexual Fantasies for Men

Everyone has sexual fantasies and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we get to live out our fantasies and other times they simply stay fantasies. Either way we all have them and you can probably find a lot of similar ones between opposite sexes.


Here are the top 10 sexual fantasies men have:


1.Being Dominant – Many men have the fantasy of being dominant in bed and having a very submissive woman. They want to take control and more or less have a slave in bed. This varies in extremity but the whole dominance fantasy is a huge one in the minds of men.


2.Two Women – Now I don’t believe there is a straight man on this planet that has not fantasized about having two women in their bed at the same time. Fulfilling all of their wishes and also taking care of each other. You can ask how many men have barked up that tree before, tons. Never the less it is still a top ten fantasy of men everywhere.


3.Getting Kinky –Getting kinky is a huge fantasy of both men and women. Some men enjoy tying up their partner or even being tied up themselves. Ask a man what he thinks about this and he will definitely respond positively.


4.Public Places – A lot of men have the fantasy of having sex in a public place. This stems from the fear of getting caught, although it’s not so much a fear as it is excitement. Public places have people around all the time and in a sense it’s Taboo to engage in sex while out in public. Bringing this into a huge fantasy realm.


5.Being Submissive – There are times when a man would like to be submissive instead of dominant. Some men want to have a woman take control and be the domineering one. This may sound odd to some people but it is definitely a fantasy of some men.


6.Anal Sex – Many men fantasize about having anal sex with a woman. Now to some people this may sound a bit dirty but that is part of the fantasy. Being dirty and dominant is where the fantasy hooks in.


7.Older Women – Depending on the man’s age, a bunch of males fantasize about having sex with an older woman. The allure of wisdom and experience pulls them in.


8.Younger Women – Again depending on a man’s age, some will fantasize about having sex with a younger woman. This fantasy usually lives in older men 40 and over. Now this isn’t a sick fantasy about having sex with underage girls, but rather women who are 20 years their junior.


9.Role Playing – Men love to role play. They want their partner to dress up like a sexy school girl or a nurse, or a wide variety of other things, and then put themselves in that position and have sex. Men enjoy pretending they are the teacher and their partner is a school girl, they really envelope themselves in the role.


10.Using Sex Toys – Men sometimes fantasize about using sex toys with their partner. Maybe it’s on their partner or maybe they want their partner to use the toys on them. Either way playing with sex toys in the bedroom is a huge turn on for some men and definitely a fantasy most men have.

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