The Discovery 4

“Hey Lexy, what are you doing here?” I said stammering, keeping a straight face and studying hers, “how long have u been here?”
“I was bored sick” she said, I gave a sign of relief, thank goodness, that was a close one I muttered to myself, and “I just got here” she concluded.

“Hi” Lexy said facing Vicki, who pushed her aside and walked out ignoring Lexy.
“Wow!,”what was all that about” Lexy said with a confused look. I had no idea what to say, Instead I shut the door with one hand and pulled Lexy towards me with the other, I held her close and kissed her hard, “you smell funny” she said between our kisses, “sweat” I lied.

I seriously needed to get off, I had planned pleasuring myself later, so I shut her up by kissing her again, she was kinda rigid, or was I just imagining it? I pushed her hard against the door, my body pinned to hers, then roved my hands along her still clothed-body, she moaned, her moan sounded so different from Vicki’s, I smiled to myself, remembering the crazy sex I just had with her.

I sucked hard on Lexy’s lips, trying to concentrate on her, but Vicki’s image somehow kept crawling back to my mind. I stopped all of a sudden, wtf is wrong with me I thought to myself, I tried again, I pulled off her blouse and kissed her way down her neck, undid her bra and began sucking her boobs one after the other, I passed her chest, down to her flat belly, placed my tongue on her belly button, now crouched, I pulled down her skirt and her panties at the same time, then licked at the downy train that lead to her pussy, I applied my tongue directly on her clit, I looked at her, there was definitely something wrong.
My tongue still on her clit, then she half screamed, I felt better, she was clearly enjoying it, I assured myself.
Now fully on my knees, I raised her left leg placed it on my shoulder, leaving her to stand on one leg, she staggered a bit then quickly placed her hands on the door for support, I began to eat her pussy, she tasted different too, hers had a tangy scent and slightly salty taste, it tasted good!

She arched her back and sighed in pleasure, I ran my tongue along her entire pussy wall, lapped up the cream that poured from her hole, I sucked her salty, sweet juice into my mouth. I dipped my tongue in and wiggled it around, she began to scream, I sucked, lapped, and tongued her, she started to buck her hips and pound her juicy pussy at my probing mouth, her hands now on my head, I could tell she was about to cum ” Ooooh Shiitt! ICE! I…am going… to… cum”..bang! She came in my mouth.

I swallowed her cum and licked her dry! I got up, ” my turn I said,” I got naked fast, laid her on the floor, I mounted her, I was so horny, I quickly placed my pussy on hers, we began to grind our slits together, “I love you ICE”, Lexy said.
I was deep into what was happening to reply, She then looked up into my eyes, it was a long and deeply passionate look between us, I love you too I said. I slowly continued to ride her warm pussy with mine, back and forth I went, then gradually we both became faster, we were moaning loud, our eyes shut,we were both getting there, oh gawd, I was finally gonna release, I tensed up, I held her legs so tight and came on her pussy, she moaned my name and came right after.

Fuck!, finally! I said with a smile, while I collapsed on her, “Finally huh?” she said “we had better start heading to the hostel” I said giggling, trailing her face with my  fingers, I pulled her up and we kissed deeply, like true lovers, our tongues playing. “I love kissing you.” I whispered into her mouth, she moaned her reply into mine.
Now fully dressed, we walked towards the hostels, she was silent all through. “Are you ohk for the 5th time” I said then she stopped her eyes filled with tears, she said, “so how was it with Vicki?”……to be continued.

Link to Discovery 3

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