The Discovery 3

“My cousin likes you”, Lexy said on our way back to school, we sat behind while their driver drove, “oh really!” was all I could say, trying so hard to keep a straight face. “Just wondering if she is like “us”” she continued but whispering the “us” “I really don’t know” I lied. I placed my hand on her thigh, and began to massage it gently, she stretched a bit and looked at the driver through the inner mirror, then turned and looked at me with a smile, I smiled back at her and whispered “I love you” she pulled me closer to her, looking at the inner mirror again to be sure the driver wasn’t looking, then whispered into my ears “I love you more” while trailing my back with her fingers.

We got to school later that evening, and everything went back to normal, rising bell, morning duties, prep, siesta, games and so on, everything seemed perfect.
Lexy and I became really close, we were seen everywhere together, we kissed at every opportunity we had which would eventually turn out to be a quickie, mostly done during night prep in dark corners.

I was in the dormitory, arranging my stuffs when I saw the paper Candy handed to me. Her house address and her digits, Great! I smiled to myself while I laid in bed, I began to fantasize about her, while I fondled my left boobs in the process, my nipple hardened at my touch and my breath escaped my lips, I’m in that moment again, oh gawd! the thought of Candy drives me crazy, I could feel myself getting wet, my mind raced, I began to day dream, I imagined her naked, me sucking her not so large boobs, then I wondered how her skin would feel on mine, or how she moans.

Damn!,”Shit!” I said aloud, when lexy’s imaged crossed my mind, she would be so destroyed if she ever found out I thought to myself, still fondling my boobs, my eyes shut, “well, its just gonna be a one night thing” I said aloud.
“What’s gonna be a one night thing? And why are you touching yourself” I heard Vicki’s voice, bringing me back to reality, I sat up, took a long look at her and said “its nothing really”..

Vicki! a year my senior was one of my girlfriends, she’s a little taller than me, maybe around 5’6, her face very pretty, her hips were wide, and her belly very flat, she had very large boobs with visible nipples, very pointed! In all, she has got a very sexy shape. We had kissed a couple of times, plus I had sucked on her nipples, nothing major, well not yet, but I loved the way she moans and gaddarmit I loved her boobs. She teased me a lot about Lexy, at first she didn’t feel hurt because she knew i liked her, and she was friendly too, but the tease became worse after the break, because I stopped having time for her, I was surprised to see her in my corner, and she knew that.

As if she read my expression, “We have been assigned a project” she said, “which club” I asked her, “Drama club” she replied, Its in two weeks, so we have to get to work fast she concluded.
We started work immediately, to avoid distraction we went to an old laboratory building, which was usually not locked, people go there to read during exams but we were done with exams and most people were busy playing. I told Lexy about the project, and where to find me if need be.

So while we were there trying to work on the project, the school lights went off, “wow” I said, trying to stand, I staggered a bit and mistakenly bumped into her boobs with my arms, damn! I felt current pass trough me. I apologized immediately, I wasn’t surprised when she said “what are you apologizing for?” Typical of her I thought to myself rolling my eyes, “is it because of Lexy that’s why you are now acting like I don’t exist?” she went on, “there she goes again”, I muttered to myself.

“Lexy and I are just friends”, I told her, trying so hard to sound sincere. “Have you ever fucked her?” was her next question, I wasn’t expecting that, I tried denying it but I knew there was no point,”anyways I miss the attention and all” she said and at the same time don’t want to come between you two” she concluded while tracing imaginary characters on my thigh, her touch sent shivers, I was getting horny and wet. I couldn’t bear it anymore, I had to speak out, “please stop!” I said barely hearing myself, instead of her stopping, she whispered into my ears “what if I don’t stop, what will you do” I held her hands trying to stop her, instead we began to struggle, it was getting crazy. Next thing she kissed me, our kiss was hot, passionate, and yet soft, her boobs pressed into mine, she began to moan, gosh that drove me nuts, then I took charge, I kissed her, fondled her boobs, she moaned louder, it drove me wild, I pulled off her day wear then her panties, I wanted to feel her wetness, fuck! She was so wet, I sat her on d desk, and spread her legs, the minute I touched her clit with my finger, she screamed and held me tight, I begged her to be quiet, while I undid her bra, she grabbed my head with one hand and kissed me hard, while the other hand groped my boobs, she was a bit rough and I loved it, “Damn, girl,” I said “You’re so hot.” I lowered my face to her boobs, biting and sucking hard on her left nipple.

“Mmmmm”, she moaned, I moved to her right boobs, massaging and kneading the other with my hand, her hands snaked its way to my skirt, I told her not to touch me, I roved my hands along her body, she moaned out loud, I ran a finger along her slit, spreading her juices, teased her entrance, she began to scream, “please suck me” she said, damn again! I love spontaneous, unexpected sex, It is always the best, so I moved forward, dropped to my knees, and without hesitation, buried my entire face into her wide spread pussy. “Ooooh Yees! she screamed, I began to eat her pussy, I had never done that before to anyone, but I was a fast learner, her loud moans encouraged me, I sucked on her clit, damnit! her pussy felt so warm in my mouth and her juices tasted so fucking good! I played with her pussy with my tongue, I dipped my tongue into her and began tongue fucking her while my hands were on her boobs massaging and nipping her nipples, “Oh damn baby, I’m cumming fuckit” she screamed herself to orgasm, her cream dripped out from her pussy, I pulled her up to my face and kissed her hard and passionately, she was breathing hard, she gently pulled her face away from mine and looked into my eyes. “I love you Ice” she said, I raised an eye bow, thank goodness she couldn’t see the expression on my face, I caressed, squeezed and rubbed her boobs instead.

“Gosh!” that was awesome, she let out a sign, Lexy is really enjoying she said, I pulled her close to me and half screamed I wanted what I was about to say to sink in not caring she was a class ahead, “Leave Lexy out of this, whatever just happened between us should stay between us”
Fine! she said, she was about saying something else when the light was
restored, her eyes looked crazy from d session we just had, her hair was a mess, her dress and panties on the floor, she began to get dressed we ended up not working on the project that night.

“I told you I loved you,and I meant it” Vicki said, now fully dressed.
“WTF did I just do” I muttered to myself, the sex was great no doubt, wouldn’t mind a repeat but if only Vicki would just keep her mouth shut! Damnfuck! Her pussy tasted really good, and then her boobs shit!. I looked at her, I felt like kissing her again, that certainly would lead to another round I thought to myself, not that I wasn’t ready, but I had to be certain I was safe!. I was about begging her when we heard the bell, “light’s out” she said, we began walking towards the door and there stood Lexy at the entrance. “Fucking hell!” I muttered to myself, how long has she been there I wondered……..To be continued..

Link to Discovery 2

2 thoughts on “The Discovery 3

  1. Zizi says:

    waoh!! Crazy spontaneous sex!! but I feel lexy saw something…. wondering wat next?

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