crying inside

I got married 4 years ago, and I have a daughter, truth be told, the man I married wasn’t the man I had hoped to marry, the man I loved so much traveled out and I got tired of waiting so I decided to marry my husband.


I later regretted my actions because I found out within myself I don’t love him.. I don’t enjoy sex with him, most times I fake the orgasm.


Now my old flame is back, he has a son from a white lady, and he is divorced, he wants me back and claims he is still in love with me and I’m madly in love with him.


I have started seeing him secretly and I feel so fulfilled, he gives me all the love and attention plus I enjoy sex with him, I don’t feel embarrassed when we are together compared to when I am with my husband.


I feel guilty each time I set my eyes on my husband especially when I had seen Chidi earlier that day.


Presently, things are getting out of hand, Chidi has asked me to marry him, my husband is already suspecting, because I come up with excuses not to have sex with him.


The only reason why I am still with my husband is the fact that I have a child with him and I don’t want to do anything to hurt my child, but I don’t know how long I can continue living this double life, I know some people may think I am an unserious person but I need to be happy and same time do what is right, please what should I do..


Please note that the owner of this story will like to stay anonymous, but will be reading your comments, we appreciate your advice..




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