Office Palava

I rushed home crying, my mum was confused, but I couldn’t tell her the reason why I had tears flowing down my cheeks. I looked at my mum, she was getting really old, I wished and prayed silently for her to live longer, I love my parents with all my heart, but I couldn’t provide enough for them, and just when I thought the storm was finally over.

I graduated with a 2nd class lower, well I believe I fared well. I searched and searched for a job for years after school, I couldn’t get one, it was either I had to sleep with someone or I had to know someone *sad*..

I’m not one to sleep around for money or for any reason whatsoever , I never did that while in school, I was satisfied with the little I got from my parents.
I spread the news through family and friends about my job search, and as luck would have it I got one through a friend.

You can imagine how excited I was when I got my appointment letter, I could finally take care of my parents and younger ones I said to myself.

I started work on d 28th of march in a hotel, it wasn’t one of those classy standard hotels you see around but the pay was better than the so called classy ones.
From the very first day I got this job, my boss outrightly asked me to sleep with him. I was shocked “I can’t sleep with my boss” I said with all honesty, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He kept molesting and harassing me sexually every single day, I was tempted to stop work, then I remembered my parents and younger ones, and how long it took me to get this job.

On a certain day, after our board meeting he asked me to stay back, he discharged the others, his excuse was he wanted to discuss the financial aspect with me since I was his accountant. The moment the door was shut behind us, he rushed at me, started touching my body, he calls me “soft body”. We began to struggle, I pleaded with him to please stop, all he said was he couldn’t wait for the day he’s gonna put he’s D**k in my soft pussy; “with due respect sir, that day can never happen”, I half screamed, with that he left me and I went back to my duties.

I decided to report this constant harassment to my friend who got the job for me, he was very disappointed with my boss, he came to my place of work to warn him to let me be, I thought he was gonna either sack me or stop harassing me but that was just the beginning.

After our normal board meeting he asked me to stay back as usual this time he almost raped me while we were fighting, I grabbed my bag and books trying to run away, heading to the door, but he got me by the door and hit me hard in the back close to my upper left shoulder, I cried and felt really bad, I angrily told him that if he touches me again I was going to file a case against him to the authorities, “try it and see” was his reply.

This time I was ready to quit, I called my friend again and complained to him, told him I couldn’t take the harassment anymore, it had gotten too much.

But dear readers, I need this money to sustain my family and I, if I quit this job, it is back to the labor market again, and who knows for how long, I am worried as to what to do, because I can not stand to see my family suffer as they did before I got this job; What should I do?!

6 thoughts on “Office Palava

  1. unique says:

    Quit & blive God,a better job wil come.

  2. Zizi says:

    Sit him down n talk 2 him. Make him understand ur point. Den if he does nt listen, next time break the foolish old man’s head, tear ur clothe n scream “rappppeeeee”. Let’s c hw it turns out.

  3. rd says:

    So sad.. He almost raped u, bt next time,you wldnt b so lucky.. Does he own d coy? If he doesn’t,please report him to his ogas.. Bt if he does, please look for another job.. U wl definitly get another,though it may take sometime

  4. precious says:

    She should quit d job another better 1 will definetely come for her.

  5. Rukky says:

    Run Mehn, cos once you start, you never stop fcuking him.

  6. Demmielicious says:

    I concur wiv what every1 here said,there times in ones life that you just need to take that bold step. U’ll surely get a better job.

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