Discovery 9

“I can explain what went down” Linda said the moment I made myself comfortable, I laid on her bed, with my two hands behind my head, my feet on the floor, she stood right in front of me almost between my legs, looking a bit sad.


I shook my head like I didn’t know what she was trying to explain, then I stared at her, trying to study her, she began to stutter.


“Lexy told me you eerrrm”, I raised an eye brow, “told me you saw us” she continued becoming bold all of a sudden, maybe she just realized she was two years my senior I thought to myself rolling my eyes.


“Oh that” I said, nonchalantly “its nothing really”, but I was fuming inside.


“I cant really say how it came down to this, but all I can say is, (she paused) she came crying to me, and I gave her a shoulder to cry on, one thing lead to another and… okay, Ice i am sorry, it wasn’t meant to happen”, she went on and on.


I stopped listening to her, instead I began to admire her, stared at the pretty face, gosh!, she was absolutely stunning. I focused on her lips, while I tilted my head, watched it move while she spoke, then her boobs, been a while I kissed her or touched those boobs, I thought to myself, she kinda reminded me of Candy, Lexy’s cousin, I smiled when that thought crossed my mind, I became lost again, there was just something about this girl that drew me in, I found myself lost for words a few times I tried to talk, as I stared into her eyes I had to mentally shake myself back to reality, I am supposed to be mad at her for g’s sake!.


“So please forgive us” I heard her say, as she sat on her bed, I tried sitting up then our hands touched, as soon as they touched, I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body. “Get a grip, ICE!,” I muttered to myself.


“ICE!” She called out my name,


“Yes?” I replied with a straight face, trying to sound casual, I spread my legs wide apart, my elbows on my thighs, looked at her and said “its a bit late, I have a new girlfriend, and trust me she is hawt!”, with a side smile, trying to equally get her jealous, it did, because she twisted her lips, good! I thought to myself, “but she is forgiven and so are you, can I go now?” Without waiting for a reply, I stood up and walked away.


I headed straight to my dorm, I wasn’t surprised to see Kim in my corner and in my bed, “girls!” I muttered to myself with a smile, I looked around before sitting, I wanted to be sure if I had a chance to rush her, the room seemed empty except for two junior girls, I decided to send them both to a journey of no return, without them knowing, I needed ample time with Kim.


The moment they stepped out, I trailed my fingertips along the side of her face to the back of her neck, gently, then gradually moved from her shoulders down toward her ass, she smiled into the pillow, I raised her day wear, then slipped my hands over her panties and caressed her, she couldn’t help it, she began to slowly rock against my bed while my hands massaged her ass, she was getting excited, “please don’t stop” she said, the feel of her ass was soft and firm, the feel of it sent chills up and down my spine.


I crossed the line, “Oh, that feels so good, Ice, keep going” I heard her words, then I peeled her panties down to her thighs, Kim flipped over, our eyes glued, then helped me out by peeling it completely off, I dipped a finger down her ass crack, slipped around front of her body and stopped atop her mound.


“Oooh, you’re wet!” I cooed, “you like”, I can tell”


“I love it” she moaned out loud as I slowly inserted one, then two fingers into her moist cunt, she rocked against my hand and moaned, I mounted her, the bed not so comfortable, but I had to finish what I started, my fingers still toyed on her cunt, while I parted her legs with mine, in such a way, my hands were now between our sexes, then I kissed her, it was a slow yet passionate one, I sucked on her lower lips, dipped my tongue into her willing mouth, “gosh Ice, you drive me nuts” she muttered between our kisses, our eyes shut, “let me taste you”, I whispered into her mouth, then I moved down, licked my lips then bent over toward her pussy.


The feeling of my tongue on her clitoris was incredible, I slowly began licking her pussy, slipped my tongue in, out and about her pussy wall, all the while I fingered her ass cheeks, that was new to me and she moaned to that sensation, It wasn’t long before she exploded on my face.


“You’re so sweet!” I said, moving up to her, I would have loved to do more, but I wouldn’t want us to get caught, we giggled, but I am so fucking wet, I stood up and stepped out, the house seemed quiet, I rushed back in and removed my panties, laid on the bed, and in a scissors style, we began to rub our pussies together, the feeling was so intoxicating, “oh Lexy”, I half screamed, “I love your….”


“What did you just call me?”


“Fucking hell” I muttered, Shit!!!!


To be continued..

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The Dream 3

Candy felt embarrassed, to make matters worse she was about to cum, in her dream. Jake and Julia stared at each other for a while then they walked towards Candy, Julia sat at the edge of d bed, her hands on Candy’s knees, while Jake raised Candy’s head and placed it on his thigh, he began to play with her hair.


“Are you okay?” Jake asked, Candy just nodded her head, she was speechless, “gaddarmit”, she muttered to herself, it felt so real, as Candy cracks her brain trying to remember how it all started, she became aware of her wetness, damn! she was fucking wet, or was her mind playing tricks on her?, “we heard your scream and rushed up” Julia said, Candy tried covering herself up a bit, she raised one arm trying vainly to cover her nicely shaped but heavy breasts while the other hand cupped her neatly shaved pussy, Jake and Julia giggled, “was it a night mare?” Julia asked her friend again, trying not to laugh, while her fingers began to play with her knees, “NO!” She half screamed, “it was a”…. *sigh*


She didn’t know how to explain it, all she wanted was to finish that dream, she felt like going back to sleep, she needed to cum.


“I was having such a good dream. I didn’t want it to end.” She managed to say, Jake and Julia laughed out loud, “Please tell me all about it, dear one,” Julia said with a seductive smile while she brushed her fingers over Candy’s belly, who shivered at her best friend’s touch. “Good to know you good” Jake said sarcastically cutting Julia off, “I am hungry, I need to go get something to eat” he concluded as he got off the bed and walked out.


“What are you….d…doing?!” the other girl complained, as she pulled away from Candy, “ssshhh” candy said, cutting Julia off, who was about to say something when she felt her best friend’s lips on hers, the kiss was a passionate one, Julia found herself kissing her back, when Candy placed her hands on her boobs, Julia froze and broke the kiss.


She was about to say something else again, when Candy put her finger to her mouth to shut her, “I love you Julia” she whispered softly as she tried to pull off her friend’s robe, which eventually slipped off her shoulders and fell on the floor.


“Damn! look at those tits!” She began to play with Julia’s nipples, who seemed hypnotised, her eyes wide with a bit of a smile on her open lips, she no longer made attempts to stop Candy, she began lightly stroking Candy’s full breasts, pinched their dark berry nipples, Candy, unable to control her own long-frustrated desires at her friend’s touch shivered.


Now in bed, Candy rubbed and squeezed her friend’s boobs, How often had she done this to herself? How often had she fantasized about what a sexual experience could be like with Julia, she sucked and licked her nipples and continued until soft moans began to escape Julia then she continued downward enjoying fully every square inch of her body, hoping this time it wasn’t a dream, once she reached Julia’s vaginal area she teased, licked around the lips and on the sensitive areas at the juncture of her thighs, tried her best to tease and torment her friend, she so wanted her to know what she had been missing all those years, wanted her to beg for more, she wanted to make love to her friend not just sex.


Julia felt as if she were on fire with lust and so badly needed release, she reached down and grabbed Candy by her tresses guided her mouth to the folds of her dripping pussy, Candy immediately went to her clit sucked on it hard and firm with her tongue, her own fingers worked on her own clit, she rubbed on it hard, while she continued licking her friend’s center of pleasure, Julia moaned out loud, her moan filled the room, as Candy ground her face into her dripping cunt. “Oh fuck” Julia moaned, “you are so fucking good, lick up all of that pussy juice!” Candy felt fulfilled, Julia felt her orgasm approaching she became faster, grinding her cunt into Candy’s mouth, she bucked and spasmed against that sweet mouth as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body and made her convulse in passion.


Finally, after what seemed like eternity she relaxed and laid still as Candy continued to slowly lick her clean of any leftover juices enjoying the tangy taste, when she felt she was clean enough, she moved back up, laid her head on Julia’s boobs, “waow” Julia said with a smile, “no one has ever sucked me the way you did”, she reached for Candy’s face and kissed her, tasting herself.,


“I am glad you enjoyed it, but I am yet to have an orgasm”, Candy said, “I could help you with that” Jake said walking towards them..

To be continued…

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img_2481Written by Simon and HastyWords


My eyes were closed

But I could feel you

Watching in the dark

I could feel your

Eyes wandering

Over curves

In anticipation


My senses opened

To what might be

If skin were to touch skin

I could feel

Your beating heart

Speed up

In anticipation

Night had come

A living darkness


Desire welling up


All sensations

In anticipation


Breathing hard now

Moving ever closer


Ache to touch

Recumbent form

Flesh trembling

In anticipation


Your icy prints

 Search for me

 Arcing currents

 Form mid-way

 As my blood

 Lures you in

 In anticipation


Succumbing finally

 To your revealed


 Touch delivering

 What passion

 Promised with

 This anticipation

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The Discovery 8

“You are sorry?, like seriously?” I said in an inflamed tone, “I just wonder how long you had been cheating on me, all the while I stood there watching you girls make out, I felt sick,” I went on with a sick expression on my face, “disgusted!”, I paused, “disappointed!!”, another pause now eyeing her, ” anyways”, with a raised eye brow, “thank goodness its truly over between us, you…”

“ICE!!!” She cut me off trying to move closer to me, “I said I am sorry” she busted out crying, “it was a mistake, It wasn’t planned, I…”

“Oh please spare me the details”, I shut her up. “Loyalty!”, I screamed, “Loyalty!!, was that too much to ask for g’s sake?”

“Look who is talking about been loyal” she shot back at me, I was a bit taken aback, was kinda shocked, wasn’t expecting that, but I tried not to show it, “wtf are u talking about?” I asked, “if you talking about Vicki and I, you got it all twisted, I fucked Vicki, yea, but she didn’t fuck me goddarmit!, I didn’t allow her touch me, I had you on my mind while I shagged her”, I lied, “but you… damn!, I don’t wanna do this anymore, I am already pissed as it is”, with that said, I walked off.

She stood there crying, she had two fingers in her mouth, probably biting her nails, she does that when she is very tensed, gosh! I missed Lexy already, I loved her with all my heart, but won’t allow anyone including her to control my heart, well I guess its for the fear of being hurt, *sigh* ain’t I hurt already, I wondered, but I needed to teach her a lesson or two.

I hadn’t taken more than four steps when I sighted Annie, Kim, and Tina. Annie and Tina were an item, they have been dating for two years now, although Tina doesn’t trust me with her girlfriend and I know why. Annie is simply gorgeous, she knew I liked her and, fuck it, I shouldn’t be left alone in a room with that chic. *WHEW!!*

Kim, a half cast, had the figure of a goddess, was tall and has blonde hair, big busted, fair skin, dark eyes and soft features, she was exotically beautiful, her mum being white and her dad black, I loved her tresses and that smile, gosh, it revealed her set of white teeth, and those dimples of hers are just damn sexy, very soft spoken too, anyone would love to date her, but she was very choosy, and I liked that.

She would have been my main chic, if I hadn’t gone for that break with Lexy, Gosh, that break changed a whole lot of things for me mehn, I thought to myself as I approached them. Well, I am free now, I can have my Kim back or anyone I want I muttered to myself with a smile.

“Speak of the devil, look who had the balls to show up.” Tina said with a big grin, the other girls giggled, I ignored her and faced Kim, with a seductive smile I said, “I don’t usually say this to many girls, but you look absolutely stunning today” I lied. She smiled, she was kinda shy, I dimmed my eyes tilted my head a bit, and looked straight into hers, I was about to say something else when she said. “Eerm, Lexy is looking at you, you had better stop flirting with me”

“Nah! Its ok, I love the feeling I get when I make her jealous, just standing here and talking to you is killing her!” I replied her.

“Oh!” She said.

“No no! Not that I’m talking to you to get her jealous”. Fuck! I muttered to myself, while I ran my fingers on my forehead, what the fuck was wrong with me? I shut my eyes for a few seconds, am I loosing my skills? I wondered to myself. “Don’t get me wrong, I went on, It’s the icing on the cake really.” I said winking, hoping I didn’t fuck up.

“ICE”, I heard Linda’s voice, “senior Linda” I said, surprised, wondered where she emerged from, and at the same time kept a straight face, so unlike me, “come to my dorm right now” she said and walked away.

“What’s wrong with your school mother?” Annie asked, “Well I caught her and my girl, sorry my ex”, then I turned to see if Lexy was still standing, like hell she was.

They all had this *wow* look on there faces, that didn’t bother me, instead I turned and faced Kim, grabbed her chin and bore my eyes into hers, She just stared back, wide-eyed, frozen, and not knowing what to do next, for the first time she took her eyes off mine, and looked down at my lips, I smiled, I had gotten her, DAMN ICE!! YOU GOOD! I praised myself secretly. I pulled her closer, while I leaned in myself, and pressed my lips onto hers, they felt cool against mine, sending a chill between my legs, the others just stared, shocked, speechless, I broke the kiss after a while, looked at the others then back at Kim with that smile again, I said loudly “she is my new girlfriend”, and walked off, heading to Linda’s dorm, my hands in my pockets, not giving Kim and the others time to digest what I just said…

To be continued..

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The Discovery 7

I looked straight into her eyes from the distance, Linda was still busy with her boobs, Damn! I muttered, as I turned to walk away, ” Lexy is a bitch” I said aloud as I walked on, destination? Yet unknown.

I looked back just in time to see Lexy running after me, I increased my pace, walked into the administration block, not sure why I did that, then I ran into Miss Jenny my English teacher again, she wasn’t the only teacher there, they were all there marking our exam scripts.

Then a thought flashed trough my mind, I needed a break, I wasn’t ready to face Lexy, not now, not ever!, she smiled at me, and said “are you okay?

“Yea, I will be fine, I tried to assure myself, “Eerrm, you wanted me to help you out with some things, can I start now?” I asked, she had this surprise look on her face which lasted for a minute, then she said “sure, I was on my way home” “Great” I said as i helped her with some school files.

She lead while I trotted behind her, I admired her from behind, she had an amazing curvaceous figure of about 5’4″, the thought of us ravaging each other’s body was almost too much to bear, I had began breathing faster without even realizing it while my moistening crotch became hot, I smelt the fumes of my arousal.

Damn Ice! What if she is straight? I thought to myself, lost in my own thoughts and fantasies, I mindlessly walked behind her until we finally arrived at her house, she unlocked her door and we both walked in, her apartment looked cozy, leather chairs, lovely paintings, I was about to comment on her paintings when I felt her lips on mine, wow!, she stooped and smiled, “I love your gap teeth Miss Jenny” I said, she kissed me again, “you love so many things about me Ice” she replied between our kisses, “I knew you wanted this from the very first day I set foot into your class”, she concluded.

At that moment I thought of Lexy, I was heart broken, I needed this to clear my head, she might have thought I wasn’t game, then she asked “are you okay with this? Did I misread your body language?”. I reached up and caressed her cheek, suddenly planted a delicate kiss on her lips then moved my arms to the nape of her back and pulled her against my body, that simply read it was okay to continue, obviously I was rooting for our highly sensual encounter to become a continuous affair, with that she kissed me hard, but some where in between the third and fourth kiss, she looked up at me, then I asked, “do you want me to stop?” “I should be asking you that” she replied, we giggled, then we kissed again, her hands were all over my body, at first it was a gradual process, then it became aggressive and passionate, I gasped, then took charge. I controlled the kiss, pulled my lips from hers and kissed down her neck, when she arched her back up in response, I seized her boobs through her 36D sized bra, she gasped. We stopped and got naked real fast, tossing our garments on the floor, we kissed again then she pulled my hand and lead me to her bedroom.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, rubbed her 36D boobs against mine, our obviously sensitive nipples made contact, I lowered my face and sucked on her boobs while she squirmed loudly. I raised my head to her face and our lips locked in a sensual kiss, by now, our occasional gasps turned into low moans.

Now in bed, I sucked and nibbled all around her nipples, she groaned out my name, I kissed my way down, flashes of Linda kissing her way down on Lexy flashed through my mind, I shook of the thought, needed to concentrate. I took a deep breath then spread her legs as wide as I could, allowing me an easy access to her fat, swollen pussy lips. I took a moment to admire the view, gently ran my fingers along the outer rim of flesh and brushed her clit with the back of my hand. I spread her pussy wall with my fingers, without further hesitation I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt, she moaned loudly, I withdrew to lightly lick her pussy lips, I blew in air, she yelled she was building up, I could tell, after a minute or so, I suddenly sucked on her clit, she jerked, moaned out loud, held the back of my head and began fucking my face, my nose was buried inside her pussy and I was finding it difficult to breath, then she screamed herself to orgasm. I reached up and kissed her, making her taste her own cum, she flipped me over, then her lips kissed my neck, I moaned, her fingers on my left nipple, as her lips went further down to my right boobs, I almost screamed from the surreal pleasure that swept over my body, after several minutes of this constant teasing she lowered her mouth and firmly licked my slit, I gasped and squirmed, causing her to grip my thighs to keep me in place, she sucked, licked, tongue fucked me, I couldn’t take it anymore! I lost it and came hard.

I slept in her house that night, we had sex all through the night, something I couldn’t have done on a normal day, one of the benefits of after exam period, the school authorities were less strict nor enforced. Anyways, I sneaked out very early the following morning and headed to my dorm.

“Lexy, has been looking for you”, one of my dorm girls said the moment I walked in, “yes she has” another said, I initially ignored them, don’t they sleep? I wondered rolling my eyes, then I asked what she was told, “I don’t know” she said, “but she told me someone saw you with miss corper ( that’s what miss Jenny was called) and wondered if you were still there”.

As I stepped out of my dorm later that day, I had Miss jenny on my mind, then I ran into Lexy, “where have u been she asked” with a raised eye brow, I said “what do you care”? “You fucking the English teacher now?” She asked me, “What is your fucking business who I fuck” I replied her now getting really upset, “you said it was over between us, so why are you monitoring my movements? Please excuse me, I have things to do and people to see as I pushed her aside” “I am sorry Ice” she begged with tears in her eyes, I stopped and looked back……to be continued.

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