Night of Lust 1

I knew I looked beautiful in my white and pink dress, it had a very low back and was cut down at the front just enough to show off my cleavage, my lacey bra you could see.
It was a saturday night, my boyfriend whom I live with was out of the country, leaving me all by myself in this mansion, I needed something exciting, I stood looking in front of the mirror at the image I made with my long shiny black hair, I ran my long blood red finger nails through my hair “Tonight’s the night” I said to myself. I turned around admiring myself, satisfied, I left the house.
I had one thing in mind that night “SEDUCTION” Just thinking about my plans made me wet.
I took a long breath as I parked my car, I didn’t venture to any club my boyfriend and I have been to, I didn’t wanna take chances, I decided to club somewhere else.

As I stepped out of my car heading towards the entrance of the club, I could sense eyes were on me, I felt excited.
I put an extra sway in my hips as I walked to the bar and got my drink, then looking around searching for the lucky guy, I finished my drink and asked for another

I was half way through my drink sitting at the bar when I heard a sexy masculine voice from behind me not talking to me though, I turned around and there stood a very handsome dude, I stared at him without realizing it, my glass up between my lips no longer drinking, I was stunned, he must have noticed and felt very uncomfortable, he looked around before he spoke “are you ok sexy?” I smiled “errm yes I am” still staring.”Can I buy you another drink?” he asked, “sure” I said with a grin, this might be the lucky dude I thought to myself.

Luckily he was alone, he introduced himself as Sly, we got our drinks and found a quiet table it was kinda dark and I loved it, I could do some naughty stuffs and not get caught plus I was kinda worried not to bump into any of my boyfriend’s friends, so that was perfect! We began to drink and gist, I was getting horny just listening to this dude, I hadn’t even started my seduction act before he came, well..lucky me I smiled to myself.

“You’re mysterious and handsome” I said, my hands on his thigh rubbing it gently, “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”. His mouth turned into a wicked grin,his eyes shone with excitement as he said, “I was waiting on you.”He leaned over and placed his lips on mine lightly and when I opened my mouth his tongue plunged in, it was one of my best kisses, I was getting wet, I moaned into his mouth softly, his hand started roaming up and down my thighs, first with one hand then the two hands, his hand pulled up my dress and found my pussy, he pulled aside my thong and dipped his finger into me. He growled against my mouth,”You so fucking wet and I haven’t even started yet”, he kissed me harder.

My house is just down the road he said between the kisses, I needed no more invitation, I got up, he was kinda surprised/disappointed from the look on his face he must have thought he put me off, without realizing that was all I needed to hear, I smiled at him, “what are u waiting for?” with that he got up leading the way. He drove my car, said he would come back for his.
His house looked very nice,leather chairs, I barely got to look at it, his hand on my neck as he pushed me against the wall, he pinned to the wall with his body and kissed me deeply. His hands had mine pinned to the wall so that I can’t touch him, I could feel his erection,he was stone hard! I moaned as he started rubbing his dick against me, I was so wet, I began to drip. He raised my hands above my head then held them both with one hand, he tore my dress with the other hand. Oh! My dress I whispered I love my dress so much!, he ignored me, undid my bra, and slowly began caressing me, his mouth on my boobs he sucked for a while then back to my mouth, he lifted first one of my legs around his waist then the other never taking his mouth from mine. He placed my hands around his neck “Hold on love” he said. Finally he talks to me, I smiled, he wrapped his hand around my ass, and starts kissing me and sucked on my neck, I held on to him real tight, we moved, I had no idea where and I didn’t care, He sat me on the edge of the bed and stood in front of me removing his shirt, I worked on his jeans, now fully naked, he knelt in front of me and spread my thighs he began to suck/ lick on my clit, his fingers on my boobs, nipping, I could feel the build of pressure in my lower stomach as I felt him lick from the bottom of my slit up to my clit were he would flick his tongue and then start over, he dipped two fingers and began to finger fuck me, I lost it and came all over his face and hands. He moved up my body laid on top of me, nuzzled my neck and lightly nibbled, I tilted my head to give him better access to my neck, he moved the head of his dick up and down my slit not yet entering merely coating his head with my juices.
He leaned down and takes my nipple into his mouth he bit hard as he thrust deep inside me at the same time, the sensations I couldn’t control, I came on his hard dick instantly, I became weak, he went farther inside than any man had ever been and he was so thick that I was stretched to an almost painful level, but I didn’t complain, infact I didn’t want him to stop.

He started a slow and steady thrust in/out he went slowly, I urged him to go faster but he kept going slow, I was about begging him to thrust faster when he leaned down in my ear and whispered in a husky voice, “You are now mine until your final day”,I became really scared, but was still thrusting back to meet him,”Do you understand?” He asked, I just nodded,all I wanted was to cum, and have his cum in my mouth or in my pussy, at that moment anything goes.

He flips over while still inside me so that I am now on top “Ride Me” he said. I rocked my hips against his, pushed him as deep as possible slow at first then faster/harder, we both moaned, his moan encouraged me to move faster and harder, he held me, I sensed he was about to cum, mine was close, my own orgasm ripped through me so intensely, he came right after.
He laid me down and curls me into his side, my head on his shoulder, I was too weak, and sleepy, just before I drifted off I heard him whisper, “You are mine until your final breath”……To be continued!

One thought on “Night of Lust 1

  1. Zizi says:

    You are mine until your final breath”… Now am scared but excited. Wonder wat he has in store

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