Night of Lust 2

“You are mine until your final breath”, that was all I heard before I dozed off, I was a bit terrified I must say. He had this mysterious look and that smile, damn fuck!
I saw myself walking alone, a huge blast of wind emanating from the path, goose bumps covered me, I felt like running, I took a deep breath telling myself I was being paranoid, just then I felt someone whisper into my ears, “You are mine until your final breath” I opened my eyes immediately, thank goodness I was dreaming, I said to myself.

It took me a while to adjust to my surroundings, I felt weak, flashes of the night helped me out, then I saw his eyes, they were deep dark brown, I found myself being drawn into them again, my smile selling me out. Sly had this evil grin, I was getting scared, yet I wanted him again. He touched my face like he knew what I wanted, my princess he said, he pulled me up and kissed me hard, I was getting so wet, he sucked on my nipples one after the other, he dipped two fingers into my pussy, he stopped sucking on my nipples, then clamped his mouth on my neck, I felt two of his teeth plunged into my jugular then I became numb, I felt him sucking on my blood and at the same finger fucking toes curled, it felt better then any sex I had ever had, the pain plus pleasure I couldn’t handle, I came again and again…”Vampire” I muttered to myself, my boyfriend’s image crossed my mind, my parents, sisters, friends, all I wanted was a fling,and here I was.

Sly lifted his head and sniffed the air, he then looked down and smiled, “Do you want more?” He asked, all I did was nod my head, he grabbed one of boobs and pulled the nipple really hard, I moaned, I couldn’t believe myself,I was really enjoying this. I bit my lower lip and pulled his head more into my boobs, then he bit it as his fingers plunged into my pussy again, he began to suck blood from my nipple.
Immediately I started shaking uncontrollably, moaning with passion.
He bent over me, his fingers still in my pussy, his index finger on my clit, he placed his dick cap on my wall, and again rubbed it around moving from the slit to my clit, he moved a bit, getting really close to me, he screamed and bit my shoulder, and at the same time slammed into me. Blood flowing freely from the new holes into his mouth, he was feeding off me, he thrusted his dick deep, I felt him getting bigger and bigger inside me, I screamed to an orgasm again and again.
He drove himself so deep, in/out he went, my pussy stretched like I had two dicks in, I was in pain, but was loving every second of it and wished he would never stop, I saw blood stains on his lips, I pulled him close and kissed him, tasting my own blood. I was his now, nothing would change that, this was what he meant when he said, “You are mine until your final breath.”

Sly kept thrusting me,I was thrusting right back at him. His balls slapped against my asshole with each thrust elevating my pleasure, I lost count of orgasm, but I could feel him reaching his, his face changed, he sucked more blood from my neck, I was too weak to move from all the blood loss, I was covered in blood and sweat, I was been sucked to death and I didn’t care, I only felt extreme pleasure. I felt myself slipping away, I knew it, I smiled because I felt fulfilled, I would miss my family, my boyfriend… I knew the end was near and I embraced it. I was too weak to fight, but I kept fucking him hard. Just then he climaxed “NO!!!” He screamed, I felt blood dropping into my mouth, I found myself licking and swallowing it, I reached up and bit his neck, sucked on it for a while then I collapsed on him.
I found a new life in a search for a night of lust..And this is just the beginning!

5 thoughts on “Night of Lust 2

  1. Zizi says:

    Waoh!!!! Adventure gone viral. Pain n pleasure n she is hooked

  2. unique says:

    Yea,she’s really his.

  3. yo mamma says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I actually assume this website wants way more consideration. I’ll probably be once more to learn way more, thanks for that info.

  4. jaystud says:

    Adventure turned Obsession!Lust turned Lost…’Married to a Vampire’
    Keep the work going Mami!

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