The discovery 2

Lexy and I nearly jumped out of our skin, Lexy sat bolt upright. I stood up, wore my top in a second and went to the bedroom window, there was what seemed like a very long and very awkward silence.

“Fucking hell!” I muttered to myself as I turned to look at my girlfriend who sat on the end of the bed still naked looking rather uncomfortable, I took a long look at the intruder who just stepped in,
OMG!! she looked beautiful, her eyes were very sexy and catchy, her boobs not so big, I thought I saw her nipples or was I just imagining It. She wore a shirt and a pair of jeans, well tucked in, with her belt buckle very visible, and on her feet a flat pair of loafers. She was quite tall and slim, I felt myself being drawn to her, she had her hair neatly packed to the back, I was already lost just admiring her and wondering at the same time.

“Candy eerrmm, it is not want you think” Lexy stuttered, her voice bringing me back to reality, with a raised eye brow Candy said “it’s not what I think?” She smiled, told us she was going to fix something to eat and then asked us if we cared for anything, Lexy and I looked at each other then shook our heads. Candy turned to leave then stopped facing me, she smiled again and said, “you are good, I heard my little cousin’s moans”

Gosh!!! I have never been so embarrassed.”There is nothing to be shy about, you girls are young, you were been experimental” she went on, “you should both clean up and join me downstairs” she concluded with a side smile, her eyes dimmed, this time I was so certain that smile was for me, but at the same time I was very confused and fucking scared.
We grabbed a quick shower and dressed in silence, then I decided to break the silence, ” I don’t think she would report you or rather us to your parents” I said trying to console her, Lexy ignored me, GREAT!

“So what’s your name” Candy asked me the moment we sat down, she was already done with her meal, “Ice” I replied,”
Do u have a boyfriend” she asked
“No I don’t” I replied. She glared at Lexy, “No I don’t have” Lexy replied.

I became lost again, her voice oh gawd!! I began to wonder how she would sound when she moans; I took another long look at her, her skin glowed, damn! I was mesmerized, I watched her talk, I wasn’t listening, I was looking at the movement her lips made. Her voice, skin, smile, eyes, lips everything about her got to me.

ICE!! Candy half screamed my name.. I jolted back to reality again, “huh?” I said. She stared at me, making eye contact, I tried looking away but I couldn’t, like I was under a spell, then she gave me a wink or was I imagining that too?
“Come sit beside me’ she said tapping the sofa gently, I looked at Lexy for a second or two, then walked towards Candy, She placed her slim arm around my nape of my neck, sending shivers down my spine, her breath smelt of fresh mints and I could smell her perfume, I began to feel the sensation down there, in my private spot.
“So are you girls dating” she asked me with a smile…I looked at Lexy, “Yes we are” Lexy said with that Candy said “Do u know how many girls would love to know such pleasures and don’t have the opportunity?” she said trailing my neck with her fingers as she spoke.

I noticed Candy moved closer and closer to me, with each inch my pussy got wetter, stop! oh my!  I thought to myself, please don’t do this to me, I shut my eyes for a few seconds muttering to myself, then her hand rested on my thigh, caressing it gently, I couldn’t take anymore, then she turned her head, her lips only inches from mine, our eyes locked- just when I thought she was going to kiss me, she continued and said  “Don’t worry girls, your secret is safe with me”

Lexy and I had these huge smiles on our faces, without thinking I gave her a hug, I could feel her breath so close. Oh gawd! she smelt good and although my heart told me to stop feeling in such a way, my mind was racing, my pussy was fucking wet with the thoughts of her, I could feel my wetness as I held her close, I was day dreaming again, after what seemed like forever we pulled apart.

“Thanks for understanding” Lexy said giving her cousin a peck, I looked at Lexy wondering if she noticed or was pretending not to have noticed.
“So where do you stay Ice?” Candy asked me, “Ikeja” I replied.

“Really?!” She asked with an excited look on her face, “I live at Ikeja too”, “Interesting!!! You should come visit when you are on holidays” she concluded with a wink.
“Alright girls”, she said, “I have to head home, which reminds me, heard you going back to school today” she said facing Lexy, who nodded with a grin. She opened her bag and handed an envelope to her, I got that for you, then she opened her bag again and handed me some notes, we both had smiles plastered on her faces, she hugged and kissed Lexy, but when she got to me she squeezed a paper into my hands and whispered into my ears “looking forward to seeing u”…..To be continued..

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One thought on “The discovery 2

  1. Zizi says:

    Now ice is abt 2 get schooled. I think am likin candy. Can’t wait 4 d explosion

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