The discovery

  Boarding school!! I screamed at my parents, I hated the thought of attending one, I was only 12yrs for G’s sake, what could I possibly do on my own, I went on and on, crying, pleading, but my parents had their minds made up!!..don’t worry my dear I heard my mum’s voice, you will be fine, I can assure you that she went on…Geeezzz, my tears rolled down, its a girls school ICE, trying to hug me..there is nothing to worry about…I had this look of wtf is she talking about…like she was doing me a favor by making sure it was an all girls school……#sigh#

  School as it turned out wasn’t as bad as I expected,..well except the wicked senior girls,#rolling my eyes# who would punish for no reason,well luckily my school mother bailed me out most times….. 

 I became very popular, because I was into sports and danced for my school, I had lots of friends,girlfriends plus admirers….

 Now in ss1 and age 15…I became a tom, sagged my skirts, walked/danced like a guy, then the love notes from different girls, at first I was surprised, then I became used to it…

  It was our mid term break, lexy invited me to spend the break with her which was just a week, she was one of my numerous girlfriends..since I didn’t plan going home, I took her offer…she, being the only child, her parents were delighted, they welcomed me with open arms plus their only child won’t be bored….they were hardly at home..

  On friday night, we had the house to ourselves, Lexy had gone to shower, I enjoyed watching her, so as usual, I stood to watch, naked!..Done with her shower, I felt like touching her,..I had no idea what to do, all I had been doing was kissing, I found myself touching her boobs, she moaned, that encouraged me, I followed my instincts

“Oh Gowd” Lexy said, as I placed my mouth on her boobs and sucked on her nipples, I felt her shiver, I smiled to myself..guess I was on track, my first lesbian sex and I was enjoying the feeling..Boarding school wasn’t a bad idea after all…#wink#……

she pointed to the bed, now in bed, I mounted her, I kissed her again, sucked one of her boobs while the other hand nipped on the other, I felt wetness between my legs, interesting!!.so what next I thought to myself….was that it??..

I was still thinking of my next move when she placed her hands down on my thighs and started to caress it, It was just small curling motions with her fingers at first, then she progressed, caressed the inside of my thighs. WOW! I wasn’t sure what to do at first but kept kissing her, the kiss became fierce, my fingers on her nipples, i just let her continue as I was enjoying it, then she got bolder, ran her finger tips up and down my thighs.. I must admit it made me excited, I moaned out loud my juice began to drip, I did same to her, flapped with my fingers once a while on her thighs then back to her nipples…

 I wanted so much to be in charge, I slipped my hand under, it was kinda awkward, I struggled a bit till I found her pussy, I fondled… I spread her legs as far apart as I could with my legs we rubbed each other with our hands, we tried grinding our hips together, our hips found a highly sexual rhythm, back and forth it went in a circular motion.. it was awesome…..Damn!

I’d like to tell you I had an orgasm but I didn’t, or did I??….

she placed her hands over my ass pulled it up closer to her crotch, we moaned enjoying every second of this act, we finally discovered real sex… I had never done anything like that before with a girl, and that definitely wasn’t going to be the last…it felt so right!

  “I wanna try something” I said to lexy, i positioned her as if she were a toy doll, moved an arm here, or a leg there, I had no idea what I had in mind, but I wanted something different.. When i had her ready, i moved her pussy directly into contact with mine so they were clit-to-clit,..that feeling…”oh gosh” I whispered, that feeling………”ICE” she moaned…”I cant have enough of you”.., we were in a different world, our clits rubbed together, new feelings and incredible sensations thrilled us… We began to secrete profusely, kissed and fondled our boobs…..

  I spent both my friday and saturday nights in lexy’s arms boobs-to-boobs, pelvis-to-pelvis. We stroked and fondled each other, kissing at the same time.. we took turns sucking each other, then kissing deeply again…we stopped occasionally for few drinks, and then we back again when either of us gets turned on….We couldn’t stop having sex…

   Sunday morning, we gave an excuse to skip church, after breakfast,we rushed to our room and got naked fast..I kissed her tenderly, “let’s trib” i whispered, my fingers on her nipples…. we stared between our legs, I shifted her position, then reached between them, spreading her pussy lips as wide as possible, I parted mine with the other hand, her hands behind her for support, still watching, i lowered my open clit directly onto lexy’s, our slippery flesh met, we rubbed each other’s clit together, I thought i saw lightning flashes, but my eyes were shut, my head thrown back….we were screaming, It was difficult, often awkward, but we maintained our pussy-to-pussy contact throughout…. We experienced several orgasms, “oh ICE” lexy said,” I love your pussy on mine”…I held her tight and kissed her still grinding…. It took us a while to break that exquisite genital contact..Finally we did….Still in each others arms kissing trying to catch our breath, the door opened………..To be continued!!!!…

9 thoughts on “The discovery

  1. QED says:

    Aaaah! The suspense is killing…Give us more!

  2. Musa says:


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  4. sexydivs says:

    Please send more am loving the story…. send more please

  5. sexydiva says:

    Can’t wait for the discovery 11…. interesting story nd really (sealed lips)

  6. Chinny says:

    Indeed boarding school wasn’t a bad idea#wink#

  7. Sugar Pumpkiin says:

    This story is captivating and iinteresting. The continuation please….

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