Part 2!

I hadn’t taken more than 3 steps when I noticed I was dripping,oh my!,I knew I was wet but dripping…I had on a mini short skirt,wit a small body top,one thing I admire about myself are my legs,I have lovely legs,and I flaunt it..trying to decide if I should change my panties,or head to Jude’s with soaked panties,I decided to stick with d 2nd option,kinda like the feeling..images of what I had just seen kept flashing back,Ménage à Trois,Anal sex,d Bj,etc,I was glad Jude invited me over..I have never been with a fellow girl,but the thought excited me,but definitely not with my man!

It was a smooth ride to jude’s,considering the time,his lights were still on,I flashed him,he stepped out almost immediately like he was sure I was outside,I smiled when I saw him,I love Jude with all my heart,aside him being annoyingly handsome and sexy,he is kind and caring. He settled the cab man, gave me a kiss on my forehead while he hugged me tight.I missed u ICE he said.. I could feel his dick through his boxers. we walked into his apartment..I dropped my books on the centre table,I walked to his bar,I needed a shot or two,I heard him say something about food,while heading towards the kitchen but paid no attention,I reached for the Hennessy,drained the first shot,then the second..I felt better,he walked back to the sitting room,I walked towards him,kissed him deeply,I reached for his dick,my hand massaging it gently while the other hand was on his chest,I decided I needed to feel it,I dipped my hand inside the boxers and felt my man,he was already getting turned on,his dick gradually becoming hard,he tried to break off,but I wasn’t ready to let him go just yet..I placed my feet on his,he took some steps backward,me moving with him,he fell on the sofa,sitting,I quickly took off his boxers and began to give him a head, relaxed ,I took off my blouse and bra,I continued to suck on his dick and his balls,he played with my already erect nipples,I knew he was all hard and ready to ride,I removed my skirt,used my fingers to push aside my thong then sat on him,i rode him like a horse,my hands at the back of the chair for support,his hands on my ass,doing an up/down,he wanted to fill my pussy,we were both lost,I moaned into his ears,whispered i love u jude,he continued banging me, I screamed ‘i ‘m cumin baby’,and I came hard… ..he stood up,his dick still inside me,his hands under my ass,began to fuck me while standing,I was hopping on his dick,i held him tight,his mouth found my nipple and began to suck on it,he laid me on d chair,I wrapped my legs around him as he went in and out,my moans escalated to half screams,I started rubbing my boobs,my nipples,then later my clit,rubbing on it while he banged me..he became faster,like he was ready to cum,I groaned,biting my lower lip,moving my hips to meet his,then I came,few minutes later he filled me with his cum….I felt satisfied,he collapsed on me,his dick now soft and pulled out,we looked at each other,I became shy all of a sudden knowing I instigated this..he read my thought,I wonder how he does that shit I thought to myself,I love you more he said with a smile…………..


2 thoughts on “Part 2!

  1. annonymous says:

    *wipes sweat*

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