Jude please, let’s see on Friday, planning on spending the entire weekend with you, I said with a seductive voice over the phone, I have a test tomorrow I continued…. will drop you off first thing tomorrow morning before heading to work was Jude’s response.. Was kinda expecting that, Jude never takes NO for an answer…After a few sweet talks, I finally gave in..

Jude and I have been dating for 2years, met him in my 2nd year, while he was in his finals, he graduated with a 2nd class upper in accounting, passed his Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA),while still in school, now that’s something!, he served in Lagos, in one of those banks, wasn’t surprised when he was retained.

I ended the call, looked around the class searching for my friends and at the same time packing my books. I called out to Linda, waving my hands, she sighted me and so did the others, they all had this questioning look on their faces as they walked towards me, I have to get to the hostel, my tummy hurts badly, I lied..keeping a straight face. hmmm Temi said’,you sure you’ll be ok? yea I sure will,  was my reply, then my phone rang again,damn!,Jude!!!,I picked the call while walking away but trust girls,they never mind there business,especially Temi,she followed me trying to pick a word or two..I cut the call not wanting her to know who was on the other end..we all said our byes as I walked away,I looked back and caught Temi whispering..typical of her I said to myself rolling my eyes!..The distance between my faculty and moremi hall was a very short one,so I decided to call my cab man,luckily he wasn’t so far off, he promised to pick me up in 40mins or less. Getting to my room, I was surprised to meet 2 of my roommates watching a movie in my corner,it wasn’t just a movie,they were actually watching  porn. Interesting!! I said,with a raised eyebrow they laughed and apologized,explaining they didn’t  know I was coming back so soon. My eyes were actually fixed on the screen,oh! 2 girls and a guy.. Great!.Naaa its called Ménage à Trois said Tutu,as she giggled,Ménage à what??..well wareva I said,trying to create a space 4 my butt,my eyes glued to the tv..2 sexyly beautiful girls where taking turns sucking on the guy, one was white with blond long hair,the other ebony with black long hair. They had on their sexy undies,looked like one of Victoria secret’s collections. The man moaned,obviously enjoying the act,the ebony girl had more skills than the white girl,she went very deep,I could barely see the guy’s dick,she swallowed all,wow I said,she is good! the white girl sucked on his balls,this guy is big I said,susan my other roommate confirmed he should b an 8 or 10. Susan the pro that’s what we call her,she knew everything,the do’s and donts,various sex styles/positions and there names. she is good,well sounds good!..we watched in silence as his dick became really hard, he pushed the ebony girl on the bed sucked on her nipples,and her pussy for a while,he actually ate her pussy more like it, then using his finger to push aside her thong,he dived into her pussy,her thong still on but nicely parted showing us her well shaved dark wet pussy. The white girl naked climbed the bed and positioned herself on the ebony girl’s face,hmmm,nice,I thought to myself..the guy kept banging the ebony girl. The camera zoomed out..At this stage I was beginning to feel some sensation down there,my pussy was definitely getting wet,I was getting so turned on,I smiled to myself knowing I was gonna see Jude tonight. I looked at my roommates,wondering if they were turned on, sandra was fingering herself. I giggled,I stylishly touched myself too,I was right,I was fucking wet..i licked my juice.. Tutu seemed to be the only one not affected,she remained calm..,I looked at my wrist watch,20mins gone,gosh I still have like another 20mins.the guy switch girls,he placed the white girl on a doggy position and dived in immediately,he banged away,in/out in/out,the girl slamming back and forth as he pulled her hair backward slamming deeper ,she moaned,d ebony girl had already taken her position,her pussy facing the white girl,using her hands to raise up her waist,the white girl finger fucked her while licking her pussy,guess he likes watching a girl been sucked by a fellow girl because his moans increased . He came off the girl and used his fingers on her anus,he licked his fingers,spat on her anus,used his fingers to rob it in,he spat on it again and used his dick to gradually penetrate her asshole ,she froze for a while,her mouth opened,her face had this mixture of pain and pleasure. Damn fuck I said aloud,susan looked at me asked if I had never tried that,HELL NO I said,you should,you are missing big time she added. Tutu smiled,shook her head,hit sandra on her shoulder whispering you think everyone is like you eh!..stay there now was susan’s reply. I looked at my watch,10mins to go ,I couldn’t wait,I needed Jude’s dick badly..the guy now fully in began banging her anus,at first gently then faster. the ebony girl on his balls,he moaned pulled out his dick for a few seconds robbed it round her ass,spanked her ass real hard then dived into her again..he stopped,picked the ebony girl,placed her side ways,raised one of her legs,he licked her anus,spat on it,he positioned himself behind her and drove right into her anus,hers was kinda easy,he fucked her,she moaned louder, touching her clit at the same time,finger fucking herself ,she bit her lower lip screaming fuck me harder..yess plsss harder,you like my ass lover boy?.we all laughed,,I think he is about to cum I said to no one in particular,I guessed from the expressions on his face. He took out his dick,the two girls left the bed,went on their knees,begging him to cum all over them,he did one or two strokes with his hands and bang he came all over their faces…wow my best part susan said!..I was about saying something before my phone rang,it was the driver..Perfect timing I said,perfect what? Tutu asked..I smiled,ignoring her question,I got up,packed my books and headed to the door..see u guys later I said…To be continued

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  1. annonymous says:

    SIZZLING!!!! Dis z nicei

  2. viv says:

    Lovely write up!!!Kudos.

  3. Rukky says:

    Nice menage a trois

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