Night of Lust 2

“You are mine until your final breath”, that was all I heard before I dozed off, I was a bit terrified I must say. He had this mysterious look and that smile, damn fuck!
I saw myself walking alone, a huge blast of wind emanating from the path, goose bumps covered me, I felt like running, I took a deep breath telling myself I was being paranoid, just then I felt someone whisper into my ears, “You are mine until your final breath” I opened my eyes immediately, thank goodness I was dreaming, I said to myself.

It took me a while to adjust to my surroundings, I felt weak, flashes of the night helped me out, then I saw his eyes, they were deep dark brown, I found myself being drawn into them again, my smile selling me out. Sly had this evil grin, I was getting scared, yet I wanted him again. He touched my face like he knew what I wanted, my princess he said, he pulled me up and kissed me hard, I was getting so wet, he sucked on my nipples one after the other, he dipped two fingers into my pussy, he stopped sucking on my nipples, then clamped his mouth on my neck, I felt two of his teeth plunged into my jugular then I became numb, I felt him sucking on my blood and at the same finger fucking toes curled, it felt better then any sex I had ever had, the pain plus pleasure I couldn’t handle, I came again and again…”Vampire” I muttered to myself, my boyfriend’s image crossed my mind, my parents, sisters, friends, all I wanted was a fling,and here I was.

Sly lifted his head and sniffed the air, he then looked down and smiled, “Do you want more?” He asked, all I did was nod my head, he grabbed one of boobs and pulled the nipple really hard, I moaned, I couldn’t believe myself,I was really enjoying this. I bit my lower lip and pulled his head more into my boobs, then he bit it as his fingers plunged into my pussy again, he began to suck blood from my nipple.
Immediately I started shaking uncontrollably, moaning with passion.
He bent over me, his fingers still in my pussy, his index finger on my clit, he placed his dick cap on my wall, and again rubbed it around moving from the slit to my clit, he moved a bit, getting really close to me, he screamed and bit my shoulder, and at the same time slammed into me. Blood flowing freely from the new holes into his mouth, he was feeding off me, he thrusted his dick deep, I felt him getting bigger and bigger inside me, I screamed to an orgasm again and again.
He drove himself so deep, in/out he went, my pussy stretched like I had two dicks in, I was in pain, but was loving every second of it and wished he would never stop, I saw blood stains on his lips, I pulled him close and kissed him, tasting my own blood. I was his now, nothing would change that, this was what he meant when he said, “You are mine until your final breath.”

Sly kept thrusting me,I was thrusting right back at him. His balls slapped against my asshole with each thrust elevating my pleasure, I lost count of orgasm, but I could feel him reaching his, his face changed, he sucked more blood from my neck, I was too weak to move from all the blood loss, I was covered in blood and sweat, I was been sucked to death and I didn’t care, I only felt extreme pleasure. I felt myself slipping away, I knew it, I smiled because I felt fulfilled, I would miss my family, my boyfriend… I knew the end was near and I embraced it. I was too weak to fight, but I kept fucking him hard. Just then he climaxed “NO!!!” He screamed, I felt blood dropping into my mouth, I found myself licking and swallowing it, I reached up and bit his neck, sucked on it for a while then I collapsed on him.
I found a new life in a search for a night of lust..And this is just the beginning!

Night of Lust 1

I knew I looked beautiful in my white and pink dress, it had a very low back and was cut down at the front just enough to show off my cleavage, my lacey bra you could see.
It was a saturday night, my boyfriend whom I live with was out of the country, leaving me all by myself in this mansion, I needed something exciting, I stood looking in front of the mirror at the image I made with my long shiny black hair, I ran my long blood red finger nails through my hair “Tonight’s the night” I said to myself. I turned around admiring myself, satisfied, I left the house.
I had one thing in mind that night “SEDUCTION” Just thinking about my plans made me wet.
I took a long breath as I parked my car, I didn’t venture to any club my boyfriend and I have been to, I didn’t wanna take chances, I decided to club somewhere else.

As I stepped out of my car heading towards the entrance of the club, I could sense eyes were on me, I felt excited.
I put an extra sway in my hips as I walked to the bar and got my drink, then looking around searching for the lucky guy, I finished my drink and asked for another

I was half way through my drink sitting at the bar when I heard a sexy masculine voice from behind me not talking to me though, I turned around and there stood a very handsome dude, I stared at him without realizing it, my glass up between my lips no longer drinking, I was stunned, he must have noticed and felt very uncomfortable, he looked around before he spoke “are you ok sexy?” I smiled “errm yes I am” still staring.”Can I buy you another drink?” he asked, “sure” I said with a grin, this might be the lucky dude I thought to myself.

Luckily he was alone, he introduced himself as Sly, we got our drinks and found a quiet table it was kinda dark and I loved it, I could do some naughty stuffs and not get caught plus I was kinda worried not to bump into any of my boyfriend’s friends, so that was perfect! We began to drink and gist, I was getting horny just listening to this dude, I hadn’t even started my seduction act before he came, well..lucky me I smiled to myself.

“You’re mysterious and handsome” I said, my hands on his thigh rubbing it gently, “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”. His mouth turned into a wicked grin,his eyes shone with excitement as he said, “I was waiting on you.”He leaned over and placed his lips on mine lightly and when I opened my mouth his tongue plunged in, it was one of my best kisses, I was getting wet, I moaned into his mouth softly, his hand started roaming up and down my thighs, first with one hand then the two hands, his hand pulled up my dress and found my pussy, he pulled aside my thong and dipped his finger into me. He growled against my mouth,”You so fucking wet and I haven’t even started yet”, he kissed me harder.

My house is just down the road he said between the kisses, I needed no more invitation, I got up, he was kinda surprised/disappointed from the look on his face he must have thought he put me off, without realizing that was all I needed to hear, I smiled at him, “what are u waiting for?” with that he got up leading the way. He drove my car, said he would come back for his.
His house looked very nice,leather chairs, I barely got to look at it, his hand on my neck as he pushed me against the wall, he pinned to the wall with his body and kissed me deeply. His hands had mine pinned to the wall so that I can’t touch him, I could feel his erection,he was stone hard! I moaned as he started rubbing his dick against me, I was so wet, I began to drip. He raised my hands above my head then held them both with one hand, he tore my dress with the other hand. Oh! My dress I whispered I love my dress so much!, he ignored me, undid my bra, and slowly began caressing me, his mouth on my boobs he sucked for a while then back to my mouth, he lifted first one of my legs around his waist then the other never taking his mouth from mine. He placed my hands around his neck “Hold on love” he said. Finally he talks to me, I smiled, he wrapped his hand around my ass, and starts kissing me and sucked on my neck, I held on to him real tight, we moved, I had no idea where and I didn’t care, He sat me on the edge of the bed and stood in front of me removing his shirt, I worked on his jeans, now fully naked, he knelt in front of me and spread my thighs he began to suck/ lick on my clit, his fingers on my boobs, nipping, I could feel the build of pressure in my lower stomach as I felt him lick from the bottom of my slit up to my clit were he would flick his tongue and then start over, he dipped two fingers and began to finger fuck me, I lost it and came all over his face and hands. He moved up my body laid on top of me, nuzzled my neck and lightly nibbled, I tilted my head to give him better access to my neck, he moved the head of his dick up and down my slit not yet entering merely coating his head with my juices.
He leaned down and takes my nipple into his mouth he bit hard as he thrust deep inside me at the same time, the sensations I couldn’t control, I came on his hard dick instantly, I became weak, he went farther inside than any man had ever been and he was so thick that I was stretched to an almost painful level, but I didn’t complain, infact I didn’t want him to stop.

He started a slow and steady thrust in/out he went slowly, I urged him to go faster but he kept going slow, I was about begging him to thrust faster when he leaned down in my ear and whispered in a husky voice, “You are now mine until your final day”,I became really scared, but was still thrusting back to meet him,”Do you understand?” He asked, I just nodded,all I wanted was to cum, and have his cum in my mouth or in my pussy, at that moment anything goes.

He flips over while still inside me so that I am now on top “Ride Me” he said. I rocked my hips against his, pushed him as deep as possible slow at first then faster/harder, we both moaned, his moan encouraged me to move faster and harder, he held me, I sensed he was about to cum, mine was close, my own orgasm ripped through me so intensely, he came right after.
He laid me down and curls me into his side, my head on his shoulder, I was too weak, and sleepy, just before I drifted off I heard him whisper, “You are mine until your final breath”……To be continued!

The discovery 2

Lexy and I nearly jumped out of our skin, Lexy sat bolt upright. I stood up, wore my top in a second and went to the bedroom window, there was what seemed like a very long and very awkward silence.

“Fucking hell!” I muttered to myself as I turned to look at my girlfriend who sat on the end of the bed still naked looking rather uncomfortable, I took a long look at the intruder who just stepped in,
OMG!! she looked beautiful, her eyes were very sexy and catchy, her boobs not so big, I thought I saw her nipples or was I just imagining It. She wore a shirt and a pair of jeans, well tucked in, with her belt buckle very visible, and on her feet a flat pair of loafers. She was quite tall and slim, I felt myself being drawn to her, she had her hair neatly packed to the back, I was already lost just admiring her and wondering at the same time.

“Candy eerrmm, it is not want you think” Lexy stuttered, her voice bringing me back to reality, with a raised eye brow Candy said “it’s not what I think?” She smiled, told us she was going to fix something to eat and then asked us if we cared for anything, Lexy and I looked at each other then shook our heads. Candy turned to leave then stopped facing me, she smiled again and said, “you are good, I heard my little cousin’s moans”

Gosh!!! I have never been so embarrassed.”There is nothing to be shy about, you girls are young, you were been experimental” she went on, “you should both clean up and join me downstairs” she concluded with a side smile, her eyes dimmed, this time I was so certain that smile was for me, but at the same time I was very confused and fucking scared.
We grabbed a quick shower and dressed in silence, then I decided to break the silence, ” I don’t think she would report you or rather us to your parents” I said trying to console her, Lexy ignored me, GREAT!

“So what’s your name” Candy asked me the moment we sat down, she was already done with her meal, “Ice” I replied,”
Do u have a boyfriend” she asked
“No I don’t” I replied. She glared at Lexy, “No I don’t have” Lexy replied.

I became lost again, her voice oh gawd!! I began to wonder how she would sound when she moans; I took another long look at her, her skin glowed, damn! I was mesmerized, I watched her talk, I wasn’t listening, I was looking at the movement her lips made. Her voice, skin, smile, eyes, lips everything about her got to me.

ICE!! Candy half screamed my name.. I jolted back to reality again, “huh?” I said. She stared at me, making eye contact, I tried looking away but I couldn’t, like I was under a spell, then she gave me a wink or was I imagining that too?
“Come sit beside me’ she said tapping the sofa gently, I looked at Lexy for a second or two, then walked towards Candy, She placed her slim arm around my nape of my neck, sending shivers down my spine, her breath smelt of fresh mints and I could smell her perfume, I began to feel the sensation down there, in my private spot.
“So are you girls dating” she asked me with a smile…I looked at Lexy, “Yes we are” Lexy said with that Candy said “Do u know how many girls would love to know such pleasures and don’t have the opportunity?” she said trailing my neck with her fingers as she spoke.

I noticed Candy moved closer and closer to me, with each inch my pussy got wetter, stop! oh my!  I thought to myself, please don’t do this to me, I shut my eyes for a few seconds muttering to myself, then her hand rested on my thigh, caressing it gently, I couldn’t take anymore, then she turned her head, her lips only inches from mine, our eyes locked- just when I thought she was going to kiss me, she continued and said  “Don’t worry girls, your secret is safe with me”

Lexy and I had these huge smiles on our faces, without thinking I gave her a hug, I could feel her breath so close. Oh gawd! she smelt good and although my heart told me to stop feeling in such a way, my mind was racing, my pussy was fucking wet with the thoughts of her, I could feel my wetness as I held her close, I was day dreaming again, after what seemed like forever we pulled apart.

“Thanks for understanding” Lexy said giving her cousin a peck, I looked at Lexy wondering if she noticed or was pretending not to have noticed.
“So where do you stay Ice?” Candy asked me, “Ikeja” I replied.

“Really?!” She asked with an excited look on her face, “I live at Ikeja too”, “Interesting!!! You should come visit when you are on holidays” she concluded with a wink.
“Alright girls”, she said, “I have to head home, which reminds me, heard you going back to school today” she said facing Lexy, who nodded with a grin. She opened her bag and handed an envelope to her, I got that for you, then she opened her bag again and handed me some notes, we both had smiles plastered on her faces, she hugged and kissed Lexy, but when she got to me she squeezed a paper into my hands and whispered into my ears “looking forward to seeing u”…..To be continued..

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The discovery

  Boarding school!! I screamed at my parents, I hated the thought of attending one, I was only 12yrs for G’s sake, what could I possibly do on my own, I went on and on, crying, pleading, but my parents had their minds made up!!..don’t worry my dear I heard my mum’s voice, you will be fine, I can assure you that she went on…Geeezzz, my tears rolled down, its a girls school ICE, trying to hug me..there is nothing to worry about…I had this look of wtf is she talking about…like she was doing me a favor by making sure it was an all girls school……#sigh#

  School as it turned out wasn’t as bad as I expected,..well except the wicked senior girls,#rolling my eyes# who would punish for no reason,well luckily my school mother bailed me out most times….. 

 I became very popular, because I was into sports and danced for my school, I had lots of friends,girlfriends plus admirers….

 Now in ss1 and age 15…I became a tom, sagged my skirts, walked/danced like a guy, then the love notes from different girls, at first I was surprised, then I became used to it…

  It was our mid term break, lexy invited me to spend the break with her which was just a week, she was one of my numerous girlfriends..since I didn’t plan going home, I took her offer…she, being the only child, her parents were delighted, they welcomed me with open arms plus their only child won’t be bored….they were hardly at home..

  On friday night, we had the house to ourselves, Lexy had gone to shower, I enjoyed watching her, so as usual, I stood to watch, naked!..Done with her shower, I felt like touching her,..I had no idea what to do, all I had been doing was kissing, I found myself touching her boobs, she moaned, that encouraged me, I followed my instincts

“Oh Gowd” Lexy said, as I placed my mouth on her boobs and sucked on her nipples, I felt her shiver, I smiled to myself..guess I was on track, my first lesbian sex and I was enjoying the feeling..Boarding school wasn’t a bad idea after all…#wink#……

she pointed to the bed, now in bed, I mounted her, I kissed her again, sucked one of her boobs while the other hand nipped on the other, I felt wetness between my legs, interesting!!.so what next I thought to myself….was that it??..

I was still thinking of my next move when she placed her hands down on my thighs and started to caress it, It was just small curling motions with her fingers at first, then she progressed, caressed the inside of my thighs. WOW! I wasn’t sure what to do at first but kept kissing her, the kiss became fierce, my fingers on her nipples, i just let her continue as I was enjoying it, then she got bolder, ran her finger tips up and down my thighs.. I must admit it made me excited, I moaned out loud my juice began to drip, I did same to her, flapped with my fingers once a while on her thighs then back to her nipples…

 I wanted so much to be in charge, I slipped my hand under, it was kinda awkward, I struggled a bit till I found her pussy, I fondled… I spread her legs as far apart as I could with my legs we rubbed each other with our hands, we tried grinding our hips together, our hips found a highly sexual rhythm, back and forth it went in a circular motion.. it was awesome…..Damn!

I’d like to tell you I had an orgasm but I didn’t, or did I??….

she placed her hands over my ass pulled it up closer to her crotch, we moaned enjoying every second of this act, we finally discovered real sex… I had never done anything like that before with a girl, and that definitely wasn’t going to be the last…it felt so right!

  “I wanna try something” I said to lexy, i positioned her as if she were a toy doll, moved an arm here, or a leg there, I had no idea what I had in mind, but I wanted something different.. When i had her ready, i moved her pussy directly into contact with mine so they were clit-to-clit,..that feeling…”oh gosh” I whispered, that feeling………”ICE” she moaned…”I cant have enough of you”.., we were in a different world, our clits rubbed together, new feelings and incredible sensations thrilled us… We began to secrete profusely, kissed and fondled our boobs…..

  I spent both my friday and saturday nights in lexy’s arms boobs-to-boobs, pelvis-to-pelvis. We stroked and fondled each other, kissing at the same time.. we took turns sucking each other, then kissing deeply again…we stopped occasionally for few drinks, and then we back again when either of us gets turned on….We couldn’t stop having sex…

   Sunday morning, we gave an excuse to skip church, after breakfast,we rushed to our room and got naked fast..I kissed her tenderly, “let’s trib” i whispered, my fingers on her nipples…. we stared between our legs, I shifted her position, then reached between them, spreading her pussy lips as wide as possible, I parted mine with the other hand, her hands behind her for support, still watching, i lowered my open clit directly onto lexy’s, our slippery flesh met, we rubbed each other’s clit together, I thought i saw lightning flashes, but my eyes were shut, my head thrown back….we were screaming, It was difficult, often awkward, but we maintained our pussy-to-pussy contact throughout…. We experienced several orgasms, “oh ICE” lexy said,” I love your pussy on mine”…I held her tight and kissed her still grinding…. It took us a while to break that exquisite genital contact..Finally we did….Still in each others arms kissing trying to catch our breath, the door opened………..To be continued!!!!…

Part 2!

I hadn’t taken more than 3 steps when I noticed I was dripping,oh my!,I knew I was wet but dripping…I had on a mini short skirt,wit a small body top,one thing I admire about myself are my legs,I have lovely legs,and I flaunt it..trying to decide if I should change my panties,or head to Jude’s with soaked panties,I decided to stick with d 2nd option,kinda like the feeling..images of what I had just seen kept flashing back,Ménage à Trois,Anal sex,d Bj,etc,I was glad Jude invited me over..I have never been with a fellow girl,but the thought excited me,but definitely not with my man!

It was a smooth ride to jude’s,considering the time,his lights were still on,I flashed him,he stepped out almost immediately like he was sure I was outside,I smiled when I saw him,I love Jude with all my heart,aside him being annoyingly handsome and sexy,he is kind and caring. He settled the cab man, gave me a kiss on my forehead while he hugged me tight.I missed u ICE he said.. I could feel his dick through his boxers. we walked into his apartment..I dropped my books on the centre table,I walked to his bar,I needed a shot or two,I heard him say something about food,while heading towards the kitchen but paid no attention,I reached for the Hennessy,drained the first shot,then the second..I felt better,he walked back to the sitting room,I walked towards him,kissed him deeply,I reached for his dick,my hand massaging it gently while the other hand was on his chest,I decided I needed to feel it,I dipped my hand inside the boxers and felt my man,he was already getting turned on,his dick gradually becoming hard,he tried to break off,but I wasn’t ready to let him go just yet..I placed my feet on his,he took some steps backward,me moving with him,he fell on the sofa,sitting,I quickly took off his boxers and began to give him a head, relaxed ,I took off my blouse and bra,I continued to suck on his dick and his balls,he played with my already erect nipples,I knew he was all hard and ready to ride,I removed my skirt,used my fingers to push aside my thong then sat on him,i rode him like a horse,my hands at the back of the chair for support,his hands on my ass,doing an up/down,he wanted to fill my pussy,we were both lost,I moaned into his ears,whispered i love u jude,he continued banging me, I screamed ‘i ‘m cumin baby’,and I came hard… ..he stood up,his dick still inside me,his hands under my ass,began to fuck me while standing,I was hopping on his dick,i held him tight,his mouth found my nipple and began to suck on it,he laid me on d chair,I wrapped my legs around him as he went in and out,my moans escalated to half screams,I started rubbing my boobs,my nipples,then later my clit,rubbing on it while he banged me..he became faster,like he was ready to cum,I groaned,biting my lower lip,moving my hips to meet his,then I came,few minutes later he filled me with his cum….I felt satisfied,he collapsed on me,his dick now soft and pulled out,we looked at each other,I became shy all of a sudden knowing I instigated this..he read my thought,I wonder how he does that shit I thought to myself,I love you more he said with a smile…………..


Jude please, let’s see on Friday, planning on spending the entire weekend with you, I said with a seductive voice over the phone, I have a test tomorrow I continued…. will drop you off first thing tomorrow morning before heading to work was Jude’s response.. Was kinda expecting that, Jude never takes NO for an answer…After a few sweet talks, I finally gave in..

Jude and I have been dating for 2years, met him in my 2nd year, while he was in his finals, he graduated with a 2nd class upper in accounting, passed his Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA),while still in school, now that’s something!, he served in Lagos, in one of those banks, wasn’t surprised when he was retained.

I ended the call, looked around the class searching for my friends and at the same time packing my books. I called out to Linda, waving my hands, she sighted me and so did the others, they all had this questioning look on their faces as they walked towards me, I have to get to the hostel, my tummy hurts badly, I lied..keeping a straight face. hmmm Temi said’,you sure you’ll be ok? yea I sure will,  was my reply, then my phone rang again,damn!,Jude!!!,I picked the call while walking away but trust girls,they never mind there business,especially Temi,she followed me trying to pick a word or two..I cut the call not wanting her to know who was on the other end..we all said our byes as I walked away,I looked back and caught Temi whispering..typical of her I said to myself rolling my eyes!..The distance between my faculty and moremi hall was a very short one,so I decided to call my cab man,luckily he wasn’t so far off, he promised to pick me up in 40mins or less. Getting to my room, I was surprised to meet 2 of my roommates watching a movie in my corner,it wasn’t just a movie,they were actually watching  porn. Interesting!! I said,with a raised eyebrow they laughed and apologized,explaining they didn’t  know I was coming back so soon. My eyes were actually fixed on the screen,oh! 2 girls and a guy.. Great!.Naaa its called Ménage à Trois said Tutu,as she giggled,Ménage à what??..well wareva I said,trying to create a space 4 my butt,my eyes glued to the tv..2 sexyly beautiful girls where taking turns sucking on the guy, one was white with blond long hair,the other ebony with black long hair. They had on their sexy undies,looked like one of Victoria secret’s collections. The man moaned,obviously enjoying the act,the ebony girl had more skills than the white girl,she went very deep,I could barely see the guy’s dick,she swallowed all,wow I said,she is good! the white girl sucked on his balls,this guy is big I said,susan my other roommate confirmed he should b an 8 or 10. Susan the pro that’s what we call her,she knew everything,the do’s and donts,various sex styles/positions and there names. she is good,well sounds good!..we watched in silence as his dick became really hard, he pushed the ebony girl on the bed sucked on her nipples,and her pussy for a while,he actually ate her pussy more like it, then using his finger to push aside her thong,he dived into her pussy,her thong still on but nicely parted showing us her well shaved dark wet pussy. The white girl naked climbed the bed and positioned herself on the ebony girl’s face,hmmm,nice,I thought to myself..the guy kept banging the ebony girl. The camera zoomed out..At this stage I was beginning to feel some sensation down there,my pussy was definitely getting wet,I was getting so turned on,I smiled to myself knowing I was gonna see Jude tonight. I looked at my roommates,wondering if they were turned on, sandra was fingering herself. I giggled,I stylishly touched myself too,I was right,I was fucking wet..i licked my juice.. Tutu seemed to be the only one not affected,she remained calm..,I looked at my wrist watch,20mins gone,gosh I still have like another 20mins.the guy switch girls,he placed the white girl on a doggy position and dived in immediately,he banged away,in/out in/out,the girl slamming back and forth as he pulled her hair backward slamming deeper ,she moaned,d ebony girl had already taken her position,her pussy facing the white girl,using her hands to raise up her waist,the white girl finger fucked her while licking her pussy,guess he likes watching a girl been sucked by a fellow girl because his moans increased . He came off the girl and used his fingers on her anus,he licked his fingers,spat on her anus,used his fingers to rob it in,he spat on it again and used his dick to gradually penetrate her asshole ,she froze for a while,her mouth opened,her face had this mixture of pain and pleasure. Damn fuck I said aloud,susan looked at me asked if I had never tried that,HELL NO I said,you should,you are missing big time she added. Tutu smiled,shook her head,hit sandra on her shoulder whispering you think everyone is like you eh!..stay there now was susan’s reply. I looked at my watch,10mins to go ,I couldn’t wait,I needed Jude’s dick badly..the guy now fully in began banging her anus,at first gently then faster. the ebony girl on his balls,he moaned pulled out his dick for a few seconds robbed it round her ass,spanked her ass real hard then dived into her again..he stopped,picked the ebony girl,placed her side ways,raised one of her legs,he licked her anus,spat on it,he positioned himself behind her and drove right into her anus,hers was kinda easy,he fucked her,she moaned louder, touching her clit at the same time,finger fucking herself ,she bit her lower lip screaming fuck me harder..yess plsss harder,you like my ass lover boy?.we all laughed,,I think he is about to cum I said to no one in particular,I guessed from the expressions on his face. He took out his dick,the two girls left the bed,went on their knees,begging him to cum all over them,he did one or two strokes with his hands and bang he came all over their faces…wow my best part susan said!..I was about saying something before my phone rang,it was the driver..Perfect timing I said,perfect what? Tutu asked..I smiled,ignoring her question,I got up,packed my books and headed to the door..see u guys later I said…To be continued